Unshaken Trust

Are you on shaky ground right now with your trust in the Lord?

Have storm clouds rolled in and the landscape of your life signifies an impending rainstorm?

And because of how you are being assailed and threatened on all sides, you are faltering a step or two, perhaps, as you have fallen into a bit of discouragement, despair, and even distrust.

And maybe, just maybe, your heart is shaking in anguish, fear, and distress.

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Oh friend, I have a psalm for you today to give you a dose of encouragement. Psalm 62 is one that I have lived in this year and it has given me hope and strength time and time again just when I, too, have felt assailed by the enemy and discouraged in the race. During one such time, I spent some time in word and commentary studies throughout Psalm 62. I’ve found that when I need to dig deeper, such studies can bolster faith, helping me come to a deeper understanding of what God is saying in His Word. And living in Psalm 62 once again, and studying the meaning of some of the words and phrases, helped me trust in the Lord in the midst of the storm.

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David, the man after God’s own heart, wrote the words of Psalm 62. We know this because the superscription of the psalm is “A Psalm of David.” We can come to an idea of the background of his circumstance by the words in the psalm. He is clearly being hammered by his enemies through words and actions against him, and the experience is threatening to knock him down in his ability to stand strong. He says, “How long will you set upon a a man that you may slay him, all of you, like a leaning wall, like a tottering fence?” (Psalm 62:3 AMP). The next verse shows the words that wound David, “They bless with their mouths, but they curse inwardly” (Psalm 62:4 AMP). Words wound and actions assail a man and it appears that David’s suffering came from more than one person at a time. It’s as though he’s in the boxing ring and is experiencing a one-two punch. How much more can he take?

I love the title that my favorite psalm commentary, A Psalm In Your Heart by George O. Wood, gave this psalm — “Your Tone Is Showing.” He is referring to the expression, spirit, and feeling that David is giving in the situation that brought him such stress. The “tone” David gives is unshaken trust. Plain and simple. I believe what the Lord is encouraging us to display in every situation through the example of David is unshaken trust. The idea of unshaken trust was brought home to me in the example of Jeremiah. Jeremiah experienced devastating storms that so shook his heart that he is known as the weeping prophet. At one point he told the Lord that his pain was perpetual and his wound incurable. He cried out to the Lord, “Will you indeed be to me like a deceitful brook, like waters that fail and are uncertain?” (Jeremiah 15:18). I believe in those moments Jeremiah was beginning to shake in heart and soul. His trust in the Lord was being threatened. How do I know? Because of what God said to him.

God replied to Jeremiah —

Therefore thus says the Lord [to Jeremiah]: If you return [and give up this mistaken tone of distrust and despair], then I will give you again a settled place of quiet and safety, and you will be My minister…
Jeremiah 15:19 AMP

I love how the Amplified Bible translates this verse in Jeremiah, thus showing us how we can have a tone of distrust and despair rather than a tone of trust in the Lord.

So what can we learn from David that will help us in confessing our trust in the Lord?

We need to understand that God and God alone is our hope, strength, help, source of lovingkindness, rock, and refuge in our life. Whether times are good or difficult, we need to look to God and rely on Him for all our needs. The word “alone” is used 6 times at the beginning of verses and implies an attitude of confident trust only in God. Earthly things will fail you every time, but God is powerful and full of mercy and lovingkindness (Psalm 62:11-12). The New Bible Commentary points out the use of this participle in this psalm — but yet — some translations ignore this participle, but it is there and, according to the scholars in the New Bible Commentary, “there are many pressures, but yet” God is our rest, our refuge, our salvation, our help, our rock, our salvation, and so much more. We need to learn to say “but yet God” in every circumstance. This will convey our heart confidence in God and set the tone of unshaken trust in our life.

We also need to see the adverb describing David’s experience of being shaken in Psalm 62:2 — He says, “I shall not be greatly shaken.” I love that word “greatly” implying our experience of being touched by the pain of our circumstance but not permanently injured. The power and rule of God prevail in every situation. Count on it today, my friend. You may be down, but you are never out!

David says, “Trust in, lean on, rely on, and have confidence in Him at all times, you people; pour out your hearts before Him. God is a refuge for us (a fortress and a high tower). Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]!” (Psalm 62:8 AMP). God wants us to have unshaken trust not because of the calmness of our circumstance, the steadiness of people, or the greatness of our personal resources. No. He wants us to have unshaken trust because of who He is, what He does, and what He says. Thus says the Lord — again and again, in His Word, He speaks — and all that He says will build in you a heart of unshaken trust. As you run to God alone, you will not be “greatly shaken.”

Last week I was up early in my quiet time with the Lord, and I looked out the window to the east, and I saw beautiful clouds beginning to form, and I just knew it was going to be an amazing sunrise. So I grabbed my camera and tripod, jumped in the car, and went to my favorite place and I began taking some photos just minutes before sunrise. I could tell by the formation of clouds that it was going to rain very soon. I just happened to look in the west and what I saw was just amazing. A huge bank of clouds covered the sky and the light from the sun was casting an orange-yellow hue above dark clouds. It was such an unusual view that I jumped in my car and drove to another place where I could have a clear shot with my camera. I arrived to beautiful white sand dunes in the foreground. Clearly there was a storm on its way to our desert. And I had just enough time to capture the images of it just before it began. The appearance was so ominous yet amazing, that I took as many photos as I could, but knew at some point I needed to find a safe place where I would have refuge. So I went home. And from the safety of those walls I watched one of the most powerful storms I’ve ever seen in my life. We even experienced some flooding around our house, and others throughout the desert were caught in the flood and experienced damage to cars and homes. The refuge of home kept me safe from the fiercest elements of the storm.

And so it is with God — He cares for us and keeps us close to Him in the very fiercest parts of the storms of life. We will not be “greatly shaken.”

So dear friend, today, may you run into the arms of the Lord, stay close to Him, saying in your heart, “but yet God”, trusting in Him at all times, knowing that He is at work though you may not see or understand at the present time. May the tone of your life today be one of unshaken trust — total reliance under stress and trial.

God bless you dear friend, as you continue on in the great adventure of knowing Him.

♥ Blessings and Grace to You!


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