Contemplating Revival

When your heart needs reviving, you need to get ready for God to do a mighty work in your life.

God does everything with perfection — and reviving a heart is something He undertakes to achieve His purpose and plan in your life.

You need personal revival every day. So go to God, open His Word, live in all that He says, and ask Him to revive your heart.

The Word of God is essential in experiencing personal, spiritual revival. The psalmist wrote, “This is my comfort in my affliction, that Your word has revived me” (Psalm 119:50). Oh I love those words today. They help me contemplate a new and refreshing revival in my own heart every time I open the Bible. I know God will use His Word to quicken my heart and give me life anew.

I have always loved the quiet times I have spent over the years at the edge of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona. If you look closely at the Contemplating Revival image, you will see a beautiful mallard duck standing on a rock looking out across the water.

Learn a lesson from this beautiful duck created by God. Get close to God in His Word and look across the landscape of all He says and then, get ready for how He will use His words in your life to revive your heart.

So dear friend, be still today and look forward to how God is going to work in your life.

♥ Blessings and Grace to You!


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  • Title: Contemplating Revival
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  • Description: Reflections in the water of Oak Creek in Sedona, Arizona, USA.
  • Creator: Catherine Martin
  • Date Created: 05/15/15
  • Camera: Nikon D7000 50.0mm — FL 50.0mm, ISO 400, f/9.0, 3 Bracketed EXP.
  • Photoshoot: myPhotoWalk Photoshoot in Sedona, Arizona, USA.
  • Post-Processing: Photomatix Pro, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop, Topaz Adjust, Nik Software, OnOne Software.
  • Copyright ©2018 Catherine Martin — myPhotoWalk™ — Quiet Time Ministries. All Rights Reserved.
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