Vision For The World

Hi Everyone, I’m Catherine Martin Founder and President of Quiet Time Ministries. And today I have a message that is filling my heart in such a strong and powerful way that I cannot wait to share it with you. Many years ago I sat in a room with a thousand other students at a Campus Crusade Christmas Conference. We had just spent three days listening to messages on discipleship from Elmer Lappen who was then the Campus Crusade Director at Arizona State University. Elmer was one of my heroes of the faith who had taught me all about the basics of the Christian life. And now, I was so inspired to learn what it meant to be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
And so, on this last day of the conference, Elmer issued a call that was unique to his discipleship messages — it was something he always did and I have never forgotten it.
He said, “In a few moments I am going to issue forth the call that God gave to Isaiah at the outset of his ministry in Isaiah 6:8 ‘Whom shall I send and who will go for Us?’ Isaiah responded by saying, ‘Here am I send me!'” Elmer went on to say, “If you sense that God is calling you to serve Him for the rest of your life and you want to declare your commitment to saying yes to Him, when I issue the call I want you to stand, state your name and say, ‘Here am I send me.'”
The room was silent with anticipation.
Elmer issued the call — “Whom shall I send and who will go for US?”

My name is Catherine. Here am I Lord, send me!

I knew this was my defining moment. Now was the time. I stood and said “My name is Catherine. Here am I Lord, send me!” And I was not alone. A thousand students, one by one, stood and declared the same commitment. I knew from that moment my life would never be the same. That God had a plan and a purpose for me. A ministry. A goal. Something that He would use to touch the lives of others.
Someone said to me many years ago, “You be responsible for the depth of your ministry and you let God be responsible for the breadth of your ministry.” I took those words to heart and focused on spending time alone with God, knowing Him, living in His Word, growing in my intimate relationship with Him — saying no to many good things in order to say yes to the one good thing. And in the process, God began to build in me a vision. A big vision. In other words, I began dreaming big.
Henrietta Mears has said that we must dream big because anything less is just too small for our great God. As God filled my heart with a big view of Him, He grew in me a big vision. One that wouldn’t touch a few lives but one that would reach out to the world. I’ll never forget the morning in my quiet time near the end of my last year in seminary. I was thinking about all the people who had been talking with me about quiet time and expressing their frustration — they would say to me Catherine I know I need to have a quiet time with the Lord, I want to know His Word, but I just don’t know where to begin. It seems impossible for me. I thought, if only I could show others in a tangible, transferable way the passion and practices that the Lord has developed in me in quiet time.
Then I got this idea — I could put together a quiet time notebook just like what I had designed for myself. I could teach quiet time through the plan that the Lord gave me according to the word PRAYER, what became The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan published in Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time. Prepare Your Heart, Read and Study God’s Word, Adore God in Prayer, Yield Yourself To God, Enjoy His Presence, Rest In His Love. And then, I could give these messages at retreats and conferences. And then came the big idea — I could have a ministry that focuses on quiet time and devotion to God and His Word. Well this idea was so big to me that when my husband came home from work, I wouldn’t let him get past the kitchen — I shared it with him, and he said, “Cath, you could call it Quiet Time Ministries.” 

I could call it Quiet Time Ministries!

That was more than 20 years ago. It was the beginning of something that God has grown and built every step of the way. Quiet Time Ministries — teaching devotion to God and His Word to men and women throughout the world. Through Quiet Time Ministries, God has given us the privilege of writing 27 books, producing hundreds of messages on teaching videos, an online teaching ministry through our website, social media, and YouTube, speaking at retreats and conferences throughout the world, producing devotional photography for our books and studies — all of this to help others, one by one, open the pages of God’s Word and draw near to the Lord, and grow in their intimate relationship with Him.

Friends, there is just nothing so exciting as seeing the Lord transform lives.

I’ll never forget the email I received from a girl who said she was sitting in the front row at one of our conferences and as a result gave her life to Christ. Or another note where a woman related how she had learned to have a quiet time and because of it her husband came to the Lord. Or the testimony of a man who was going to take his life, but read my book Walking With The God Who Cares — Book and instead gave His life to Christ and now is in full time ministry himself. These kinds of stories fuel my passion to reach the world for Jesus Christ.
CT Studd used to say “Only one life twill soon be past, only what’s done for Christ will last.”
I have a world map that we have used over the years to mark with a pin every single place where groups or individuals have used the quiet time studies I’ve written — hundreds of pins now representing lives who have been impacted as they have studied God’s Word with our books. Quiet Time Studies like Walk on Water Faith, Pilgrimage of the Heart, Passionate Prayer, Run Before The Wind, A Heart That Hopes In God, Trusting In The Names of God, Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time, Set My Heart On Fire, Knowing and Loving The Bible. And God is using Quiet Time Ministries to help others not just talk about quiet time and studying God’s Word, but to actually experience it for themselves.
And now, I am at a defining moment in ministry — I sense it in my own heart very personally and powerfully. In the last two years I have experienced deep and heartbreaking losses — many of my dearest friends and mentors have gone home to be with the Lord. And both my father and mother have gone home to be with the Lord. Our time on earth is but a snap of a finger. Paul tells us in Ephesians 5:16 to make the most of our time. Oh how I am filled with that strong encouragement to do that especially now — I sense the urgency of the hour, my dear friends. What God is doing in my heart is producing a big vision.

Vision For The World Campaign

It’s a Vision For The World. Why the world? Because I believe anything less is just too small for our great God. God is in the details, no doubt, but He also can do, as Ephesians 3:20 says, immeasurably more than all we can ask or imagine according to the power that is at work in us. Oh how powerful God is and how vast His heart for the world! I think about the words of Jesus, while on earth, in Matthew 23:37, as He looked toward Jerusalem and said “Oh Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how often I wanted to gather your children together, the way a hen gathers her chicks under her wing.” Jesus commissioned His disciples in Matthew 28:18-20 to “make disciples of all the nations” and in Acts 1:8 He told us that His power would make us witnesses to the remotest part of the earth. You see, Jesus is all about reaching the world and so am I. When I think of the world, I think of men and women worldwide with hearts longing to know God. Hearts that are broken and in need of the promises of God to give them hope. Hearts that would trust God more if only they knew His names, His character, His attributes. Hearts that would be revived if only they knew how to begin opening the pages of the word of God. Hearts that would cry out to God in passionate prayer if only they had someone who would encourage them in how to grow in their life of prayer. Hearts that would dance in an intimate relationship with the Lord Jesus if only they knew they could dance no matter what they were facing today.
That is what Quiet Time Ministries is all about. Showing others how to have a heart that hopes in God, experience passionate prayer and personal revival, have a heart set on fire, and trust in the names of God.
What is on the heart of God today? We can know because we have His thoughts, His promises, His commands, ALL that He wants us to know, right here in His Word. He tells us in 2 Timothy 3:1 that in the last days difficult times will come. Jesus says in John 16:33 that in the world we have tribulation but take courage I have overcome the world. In psalm 46 about the great changes that come about God says in verse 10, Be still and know that I am God. In Jeremiah 9:23-24, the weeping prophet is told by God to “Let not the wise man boast but let him who boasts boast of this that He understands and knows me. In James 4:8 we are told by God to Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.
God wants us to make it a priority to know Him. We need to open the pages of His Word, draw near to Him, and grow in our intimate relationship with Him. I am filled with a passion through Quiet Time Ministries to help others do exactly that with our resources, messages, studies for groups and individuals, online teaching, devotional photography. I believe God wants Quiet Time Ministries, in a new and greater way to go global. Reach more people. Change more lives.

I have a Vision For The World.

Jonathan Goforth said many years ago that we can entertain no hope of a globe-encircling revival without there first being a back to the Bible movement. And that is what fills my heart. As I always say, A Bible in the hand is worth two in the bookcase. I don’t want to see Bibles collecting dust on tables but living in hearts and changing lives and developing into that globe-encircling revival. Touching the lives of thousands worldwide — that is at the heart of Quiet Time Ministries. But we at Quiet Time Ministries cannot go global without you — your prayers and your financial gifts to bring dozens of ministry projects to life.

Do you have A Heart For Ministry?

Is it your passion to see lives changed for Jesus Christ through your witness, your tithes, and your personal ministry?

  • Quiet Time Ministries is your ministry dedicated to teaching devotion to God and His Word!
  • Quiet Time Ministries is your opportunity to reach thousands around the world with resources to enrich their devotional quiet time with the Lord!
  • Quiet Time Ministries is your outreach through your pledge of monthly donations funding unlimited ministry projects and bringing them to life!

We have an ever growing list of Current Ministry Projects — ideas that inspire Quiet Time Ministries to action. How about expanding myQuietTime™ — The Quiet Time Live Channel – YouTube to include more in-depth teaching, more frequent postings, and even guest speakers? What if Quiet Time Ministries were able to publish more than one of the Quiet Time Studies each year with weekly interactive Google+ Hangouts On Air video conferences? What if Quiet Time Ministries could extend our myPhotoWalk PhotoShoots outreach with Google, Facebook, Amazon, and other global advertising for myPhotoWalk devotional conferences? What if Quiet Time Ministries could develop its own CDN Content Delivery Network to stream quiet time video series like the Walk On Water Faith — HD Series directly to churches by simulcast? What if myPhotoWalk™ could launch the Catherine Martin — devotional photography portfolio beyond custom prints, tradebook and ebook publications to become a series of national devotional events like Quiet Time Live?

I invite you to join with me in Quiet Time Ministries. I invite you to join the team of monthly donors for Quiet Time Ministries who pray and who give financially as part of this ministry. I am calling this our Vision For The World Campaign, and this is the kickoff video. Right now, at this campaign launch, I am looking for at least 100 men and women who will join Vision For The World in a commitment to give $100 or more each month to Quiet Time Ministries. You know who you are, ones whom has God has blessed financially, ones who are burdened to give sacrificially, giving you the opportunity to donate from the heart on a monthly basis. Quiet Time Ministries is a 501c3 nonprofit ministry and your gifts are tax-deductible. But more than that, your gifts are an investment that yields eternal results. Giving towards an eternal result is something that lasts forever.
As Paul said to the church at Philippi — not that I seek the gift itself but I seek the profit that is added to your account. Oh what a joy it is when you invest in changing lives. I want you to experience this joy and join me on this journey of a Vision For The World through Quiet Time Ministries. And it is my prayer that you will share this vision with others — tell others about it — pass this message on and share it — let’s see God do something only He can do.
I am so excited about the many projects we are working on right now, but let me highlight just one.

myPhotoWalk — Quiet Time Moments

Last year, Quiet Time Ministries was honored to make available the beloved hardcover padded First Edition of Quiet Time Moments for Women as released by Harvest House Publishers as a featured Mother’s Day promotion for Skip Heitzig’s The Connection National Radio Show. God opened doors! We sold out! This next year, Quiet Time Ministries will release an entirely new edition of this perennial devotional favorite in a spectacular new format entitled, myPhotoWalk — Quiet Time Moments. Here’s a sneak peak at the new design and features:

  • New Title — myPhotoWalk—Quiet Time Moments
  • New Cover — Photo Artistry inspired images by myPhotoWalk—Catherine Martin
  • New Design — myPhotoWalk Devotional Photography every devotional day
  • New Style — 8.5×8.5 Photography style softcover full color tradebook
  • Expanded Devotions — 260 Devotions for a full year’s weekdays
  • New eBook Formats — Apple® iBook & Adobe® PDF
  • New Outreach — gender nonspecific for both men and women

We’re in the design and production stages right now — we’re even considering a full color Hardcover edition as a collector’s item for photography enthusiasts! Pray for us so that we may reach thousands with this new Publishing Project!
An that’s not all!

A Heart For Ministry Special Event Video Series

In celebration of the launch of the Vision For The World Campaign, I want to invite you to a special video event series that I believe will encourage you, challenge you, and literally change your life. It’s a 4-week special event video series we’ve produced entitled A Heart For Ministry — it’s free and in it I will be sharing The Great Commandment of Ministry, The Great Commission of Ministry, The Great Calling Of Ministry, and The Great Consequence of Ministry. You can view the details, the videos, downloads, and more at Vision For The World, The Quiet Time Live Channel – YouTube, and on all our social media outlets.
Each week for 4 weeks beginning on October 7, 2015, Quiet Time Ministries will simulpost a special A Heart For Ministry HD 1080p video — absolutely free that includes downloadable messages notes and a downloadable devotional Quiet Time written by me to complement the video presentation. This is a spectacular opportunity to experience an inspirational and educational series about “Jesus Christ In Action,” your calling to a personal ministry, and how you can be involved with Quiet Time Ministries. It’s all written and ready to give to you — I can’t wait to share it with you. This is your chance to catch the vision of what is means to be a radical disciple of Christ. You will be able to comment on the video and interact with Catherine and fellow believers on all social media. Spend four weeks embracing A Heart For Ministry and your life will never be the same!
Dear friends, I am believing God to do something only He can do in and through us as we join together in ministry and pray and encourage one another as God opens doors for Quiet Time Ministries worldwide. Now is the time. This is the place. I can tell you that I am out on the water with my faith borrowing from my most recent study, Walk On Water Faith, and I am feeling a lot like Peter when he got out of the boat. My eyes are fixed on Jesus and I am trusting Him to do something only He can do. And I want to you experience this faith with me. I’m so excited to have you partner with me in Quiet Time Ministries.

There is a story that when the English architect, Sir Christopher Wren, was directing the building of St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, some of the workers were interviewed by a journalist who asked them, “What are you doing here?” The first said, “I’m cutting stone for three shillings a day.” The second replied, “”I’m putting ten hours a day in on this job.” The third replied, “”I’m helping Sir Christopher Wren build the greatest cathedral in Great Britain for the glory of God.” Always remember, dear friend, no matter where you are or what you do, that you are in the great service of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Oh what an honor and a joy that we serve Him together. May we all say in response to the Lord when He says Whom shall I send and who will God for us. May we all say – Here am I Lord send me.
God bless you dear friend, as you continue on in this great adventure of knowing Him.

♥ Please pledge to become a Vision For The World monthly donor!
In His Love,


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