The Great Commission

At the end of my third year in college I made a very important decision. You see, up to that point my whole goal was to have fun. I woke up one morning and I began thinking about the words of Jesus where He said “I am the Way. the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father, but through Me.” I thought that if what He said is true then to live for anything else was to live for a lie. I realized that I was living an aimless life, totally for myself. It seemed as though the Lord was saying, “Catherine I want you to live for Me. It’s time.”

I immediately said yes to the Lord. I did an about-face in my life — a complete turnaround. I called up the guys I was dating and said I couldn’t go out with them anymore because I was living for the Lord. I stopped hanging out with my old friends. I was intent on one thing. Living for the Lord. And growing in the Lord. I immediately got involved in Campus Crusade for Christ at Arizona State University. Leann, the Crusade staff member who discipled me, taught me from the very beginning that I needed to have a group of women that I discipled as well. And so I began praying for those disciples. I had a number of girls in my group but two in particular that I remember. I poured my life into those girls for two years. I remember years later, after I was married, I ran into one, Patty, who excitedly told me what God was doing in her life. She had majored in Russian in college and was a missionary in Russia. God was using her to take the gospel to people in Russia. Oh how excited I was to hear about how God was using Patty for His kingdom.

You see, I had learned something early on from Leann — God had given me a vision for ministry — a theology of ministry that was strategic and powerful. It flows out of a biblical commission from Jesus that I want to share with you. What will happen as a result? You’ll have to watch with Message Two of this A Heart For Ministry Special Event Video Series — The Great Commission of Ministry — to find out. Download the companion Messages Notes and Quiet Times for a rich experience with the Lord!

God bless you as you continue on in the great adventure of knowing Him.

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