The Great Calling

Many years ago I had the opportunity to go to a Billy Graham Crusade in San Diego, California. I was especially excited because I had never seen Billy Graham live, and I knew that it could be possibly my only opportunity so I just couldn’t wait. The stadium was packed. The platform so far away I could hardly see it. But it was exciting and you could just feel an anticipation in the air. Thankfully they had large screens so that you could see closeups of all who were part of the program.

It was a classic Billy Graham night — vintage Billy Graham in fact. George Beverly Shea sang the hymn he is known for, “I’d Rather Have Jesus.” As he sang, I cried. Then, Billy Graham got up to speak. And he was powerful. He shared all about Jesus and the difference he makes in a life. He shared about the opportunity we each have to know Him. He shared a powerful illustration about a young boy who was getting ready to graduate. The young boy wanted a new car so much from his father. In fact, he told his father the exact car he wanted. When it came time to get his graduation gift from his father, much to his dismay, his father handed him a Bible as the graduation gift. The son was so angry that he threw the Bible to the ground and walked out of the house and never spoke to his father again. Many years later, his father died. The son went back to his home to be with his mother. Once he got in the house, he saw the Bible that his father had given him so many years ago. He picked it up. As he did, a piece of paper fell out of the back and fluttered to the ground. The son picked up that piece of paper and much to his dismay he saw that it was a check in the exact amount it would have taken to buy the car he had wanted so much.

Then, Billy Graham issued the invitation to come to Jesus. That now is the time. Now is the opportunity. Don’t let another day go by. In Jesus you have everything. The most amazing thing happened. Once Billy Graham issued forth invitation, people began pouring out of the stands. Not just hundreds, but thousands. I looked up at the screens and there was Billy Graham, sitting alone on a chair right behind his podium. And people pouring out of the stands everywhere to commit their lives to Christ. What a picture of ministry! I saw that the real action, the real power, the real thing happening was not Billy Graham, but the Lord moving in the hearts of men and women.

As Billy Graham prayed the prayer to receive Christ, I looked around and people were praying in their seats, in the aisles, on the field — everywhere. I witnessed a powerful calling of the Holy Spirit. I witnessed the essence of what ministry really is — Jesus Christ in action.

How can you respond to the great calling of ministry? What will happen as a result? You’ll have to watch Message Three of this A Heart For Ministry Special Event Video Series — The Great Calling of Ministry — to find out. Download the companion Messages Notes and Quiet Times for a rich experience with the Lord!

God bless you as you continue on in the great adventure of knowing Him.

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