A Heart That Hopes OLS — Week One

How anchored is your soul in God’s Word?

This is probably one of the most important questions I can ask all of us as we embark on this journey of hope.

I say to myself, “Catherine, are you holding on to God’s promises in seasons of trials and heartbreaks?”

When troubles come our way, we are brought to a new and deeper place in our relationship with the Lord. We discover just how grounded we really are in the Word when everything in our life is shaken and even uprooted. Our faith is tested and we discover how much we need God and His promises. We are more likely to run to Him when we realize He is our help and our hope.

This week we embarked on a study of hope in A Heart That Hopes In God — Truths from the Psalms to Anchor Your Soul. I always love Week One of these studies because I feel a new excitement about how God is going to work in my life. This week was no exception.

One quote stood out to me as I thought about how God builds an ability in our lives to hold on to His Word and experience encouragement and hope in spite of the fiery trial. In Week One, Day Three, I loved the quote by C.G. Trumball —

When all visible evidences that He is remembering us are withheld, that is best; He wants us to realize that His Word, His promise of remembrance, is more substantial and dependable than any evidence of our senses. When He sends the visible evidence that is well also; we appreciate it all the more after we have trusted Him without it.
C.G. Trumball in Streams In The Desert

I love this quote because in it we realize how the Lord is working on tethering our hearts and souls more firmly to His Word. When we experience a fiery trial, we can know with certainty that God is at work in us, pulling us closely to Himself, and teaching us the things the world can never know. Rather than relying on things that can never support our faith because they are temporal and ever-changing, we are brought to that which is eternal, unchanging, and a firm foundation on which to build our lives — God and His Word. And His Word includes His magnificent promises.

The one verse that I believe will be my verse to memorize and think about throughout our journey is Romans 15:4 —

Such things were written in the Scriptures long ago to teach us. And the Scriptures give us hope and encouragement as we wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.
Romans 15:4 NLT

When I am in the fiery trial I need the Lord’s hope and encouragement. Hope and encouragement go a long way to helping any of us make it through the heartbreaks and valleys in life. The secret is seen in the verse. We need to “wait patiently for God’s promises to be fulfilled.” The greater our arsenal of promises the better opportunity we have for hope and encouragement. I believe the Lord, through His Spirit, will take those promises and apply them to the wounds in our heart, and make us strong and steadfast in Him.

So I ask, once again, how anchored is your soul in God’s Word?

My prayer is that we will find truth after truth in the Psalms to anchor us to God and His Word.

Let’s share together from Week One what God taught us about hope. I’ve included some questions in the Sola Scriptura section below. Sola Scriptura means “by Scripture alone” indicating the supreme authority of God and His Word. What God says in His Word is our focus — we want to share together what God is teaching us in His Word.

So dear friends, let me just say what a privilege it is to study God’s Word together with you. Onward and upward as we dig into some magnificent psalms of hope! And may we all experience real hope — Holding On with Patient Expectation!

About Our Study

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Your Assignment

Your assignment this next week is to study Week 2, Days 1-7, Hope When You Feel Alone — Psalm 139. Please feel free to come back here throughout the week to read comments and respond. In our second week of study on hope we are going to live in Psalm 139 and discover some amazing promises about our God. These promises are so powerful that you can’t help but experience a new and deeper hope in your Lord. At the end of Week Two, you may also want to enjoy the companion Week Two message for A Heart That Hopes In God (Viewer Guide, pp43-44) — When God Is Present – Digital M4V Video or When God Is Present – Digital MP3 Audio. I will meet you back here with a new post and discussion question on Saturday, January 23, 2016.

And now, my dear friend, Kelly Wysard, shares a prayer for all of us as we study God’s Word together —

Precious Lord and Savior, we approach the throne room of grace to give You our devotion and adoration. To tell of our desire to walk in obedience and trust to the One True God, the Lord Jesus Christ, Maker of Heaven and Earth. Creator of all things, and Master of our souls.

May we seek You and serve You with exceeding sweet delight knowing that You alone are drawing us near and making us complete in You. As we open the Word of God and meditate on Your instruction and cling to Your promises, may we become more like You. May we hang on Your every Word for dear life! May Your Word be musical instruction to our ears. May we sing praises treasuring Your glorious revelation one moment at a time on pilgrim’s way. May we have the mind of Christ, dear Father.

Now may the God of hope fill us with all joy and peace in believing, so that we will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15:13). May this hope be as an anchor of the soul (Hebrews 6:19) as we persevere by the encouragement of the Scripture (Romans 15:4).

We ask all this in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord, Amen.

A Prayer For You by Kelly Wysard

And now, dear friend, let’s share together what God is teaching us in the Comments section of this post as we respond to the Sola Scriptura questions.

♥ God bless you as you continue this great adventure of knowing Him!


Sola Scriptura

Why do we need the anchor of God’s Word? What was the most important truth you learned about God’s Word in Week One of A Heart That Hopes In God? What was your favorite quote, insight, or verse this week in your study?
Please comment.

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What does a person do when the worst thing imaginable happens, their life is profoundly altered, and no hope is in sight? Catherine Martin cites numerous real-life accounts of people in crisis, and reveals their source of strength: the truth of God’s Word. A Heart That Hopes in God will take you deep into some of the choice Psalms of comfort, inspiring the kind of hope that will set your heart aflame with love for the Lord.
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