Run Before The Wind OLS — Week Six

I stood on the edge of the Pacific Ocean watching a sailboat glide freely and effortlessly along the surface of the water. The setting sun cast a golden hue on the waves and created a perfect silhouette of the sails catching the wind.

This sailboat moving across Pauoa Bay in Waimea on the big Island Of Hawaii is such a perfect picture of our lives when we are led by God’s Spirit. The Holy Spirit is like wind that moves us from one place to another when the sails of our life are set to catch the ever-faithful movement of His guidance and direction.

This week in our study of the book of Acts in Run Before The Wind, we discovered the work of the Holy Spirit in the early Church. We learned that the Holy Spirit will send us in a particular direction in order to touch lives.

How can you know the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding you? Watch for the movement of the wind. In the same way that wind blows across the landscape and causes clouds to dissipate or gather, so too the Holy Spirit works in a certain direction with effects that can be seen. We saw in Acts 13:49 that “the word of the Lord was being spread through the whole region.” When you think about that verse, ask yourself, “How is the Word of God at work in my life right now?” You can know that if there is a certain verse that sticks in your mind and keeps coming back to you again and again, then the Holy Spirit is moving in that direction. God wants you to stop everything and think about what He is saying in that verse or passage of Scripture. To set your sail to catch the movement of God’s Spirit with God’s Word, it’s important to be in the Word. That’s why our quiet time is so important.

Another way the Holy Spirit leads and guides is in the direction of ministry. Sometimes He closes doors in order to open new doors. And other times no movement can be seen at all. In fact, we may feel as though we are on a shelf, so to speak. I believe the Lord allows for what I call “rest time” in order to refuel, renew, and revive. He is the one who does the reviving and He promises that “times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19). I have learned by personal experience that down time is not easy when you are used to running at breakneck speed. But if the wind of the Holy Spirit blows in such a way as to force you to stop or slow down, then, dear friend, respond to His move in your life. Ask Him to help you say “yes” and to say “no” whenever each response is needed.

In the case of Paul, the Holy Spirit indeed had a ministry in mind. “Being sent out by the Holy Spirit, they went down to Seleucia and from there they sailed to Cyprus” (Acts 13:4). Has God given you an idea for ministry? And does that idea keep coming to you again and again. You can’t get it out of your mind? Then I would encourage you to make it a matter of prayer and see how God, through the power of the Holy Spirit, may be leading and guiding you in a whole new direction of ministry.

In thinking about all of this, there is the need to step back and remember who we are and Whose we are. The Lord Jesus Christ lives in us through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. It is not our life, but His life. So when the Holy Spirit leads us, it’s because of what the Lord Jesus desires to do in and through us. He has certain places He wants to go and people whose lives He wants to impact. Oh I think this is imperative for us to “get” and when we realize the truth of it, we will more easily say “yes” to the direction of the wind instead of fighting against it.

I loved the words of A.B. Simpson about life in the Spirit —

It is not merely imitating an example, but it is living in the very life of another. It is to have the very person of Christ possessing our being; the thoughts of Christ, the desires of Christ, the will of Christ, the faith of Christ, the purity of Christ, the love of Christ, the unselfishness of Christ, the single aim of Christ, the obedience of Christ, the humility of Christ, the submission of Christ, the meekness of Christ, the patience of Christ, the gentleness of Christ, the zeal of Christ, the works of Christ, manifest in our mortal flesh, so that we shall say, “I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me” (Galatians 2:20)…The Spirit not only reveals Christ, but He actually brings Him to occupy and abide in the heart…
A.B. Simpson in Walking In The Spirit

I believe the realization that Christ lives in us is such a secret to the Christian life and enjoying life in the Spirit. May the Lord open the eyes of our heart to help us see and understand this great truth from God’s Word.

About Our Study

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Your Assignment

Your assignment this next week is to study Week 7, Days 1-7, Set Free By The Spirit from Run Before The Wind — Truths from Acts to Enjoy Life in the Spirit. At the end of Week Six, you may also want to enjoy the companion Week Seven message for Run Before The Wind (Viewer Guide, pp209-210) — When You Are Set Free – Digital M4V Video or When You Are Set Free – Digital MP3 Audio. In our seventh week of study we are going to study Acts 16-20 and learn how the Holy Spirit sets our hearts free and what freedom really means for us as we run before the wind. We will study the ministry of Paul and the missionary journeys to areas where people needed to learn and grow in God’s Word. May the Lord help us understand and experience true freedom in the Spirit. I will meet you back here with a new post and discussion question on Saturday, May 28, 2016.

Take some time now to pray through the words of this prayer from The Valley Of Vision to prepare our hearts as we continue to study God’s Word together in Week Seven of Run Before The Wind

I am blind, be thou my light,
ignorant, be thou my wisdom,
self-willed, be thou my mind.
Open my ear to grasp quickly thy Spirit’s voice,
and delightfully run after his beckoning hand;
Melt my conscience that no hardness remain,
make it alive to evil’s slightest touch;
When Satan approaches may I flee to thy wounds,
and there cease to tremble at all alarms.
Be my good shepherd to lead me into the green pastures of thy Word,
and cause me to lie down beside the rivers of its comforts.
Fill me with peace, that no disquieting worldly gales
may ruffle the calm surface of my soul.
Thy cross was upraised to be my refuge,
Thy blood streamed forth to wash me clean,
Thy death occurred to give me a surety,
Thy name is my property to save me,
By thee all heaven is poured into my heart,
but it is too narrow to comprehend thy love.
I was a stranger, an outcast, a slave, a rebel,
but thy cross has brought me near,
has softened my heart,
has made me thy Father’s child,
has admitted me to thy family,
has made me joint-heir with thyself.
O that I may love thee as thou lovest me,
that I may walk worthy of thee, my Lord,
that I may reflect the image of heaven’s first-born.
May I always see thy beauty with the clear eye of faith,
and feel the power of thy Spirit in my heart,
for unless he move mightily in me,
no inward fire will be kindled.
A Prayer from The Valley Of Vision

♥ God bless you as you continue this great adventure of knowing Him!


Sola Scriptura

As we have lived in Acts 13-15 this week, share your own thoughts on one or more of these questions. Why is wind such a great metaphor for the Holy Spirit’s work in our life in the area of guidance and direction? How is the wind of the Spirit moving in your life these days? What are you learning from the Lord as you study His Word? And finally, was there a favorite verse or quote that was significant for you this week?
Please comment.

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I was challenged by your statement to run before the wind — what a beautiful visual picture of how we are to be running in the race. How exciting to know that God is challenging you to run with Him, keeping your eyes fixed upon Him so that you will not become weary in the work that is yours and yours alone. … How exciting to have a devotional guide that is so spiritually focused and so biblically based.
GayEllen, Quiet Time Cafe

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