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More than ever, in days of uncertainty, we need a hope that is steadfast and sure.

I have been focusing so much on the promises of God these days, because they are the secret to hope. So I began to think about an image that would represent the fact that God promises, God keeps His promises, and His eternal hope grows in us. In my mind I pictured a beautiful flower rising up in bloom.

I brought home a floral arrangement with the thought that I would work on my macro photography using the incredible Micro-Nikkor 200mm lens that I love so much. I put the flowers in a vase, set up my tripod, Nikon D810, and the Micro-Nikkor 200mm lens. I captured many images, all at different angles. I have found that using a tripod is essential in macro photography, especially with the 200mm lens, because when you are that close, any movement will cause blur throughout the image. Also, I like stopping down the lens to f/14 and sometimes more to give clarity throughout the flower.

When I looked through the images, this one stood out as just what I was looking for to represent the fact that God promises, and as we patiently wait, we will obtain the promise. To capture this image, I placed the focus point at the center and beyond, giving a slight blur to the petals at the front of the flower. I liked this effect, moving the eye to the center of the flower.

After processing the image in Adobe Camera Raw, I applied a 10% Topaz Glow filter to highlight the edges of this beautiful flower. Then, I took the image into Nik Color Efex for the brilliance/warmth and pro contrast filters. Now came what is most fun — Topaz Impression. I finally settled on Georgia O’Keefe but masked in the flower to preserve the original textures. The greatest challenge in this photo was the background because I didn’t want it to detract from the flower. So I used the Dodge and Burn tool in Photoshop and painted in the lighter areas. I also used the brush and eyedropper tool to paint in some of the lightest areas. Then, I took the image into On1 Software and added a texture and vignette at a small opacity just to give it that added focus on the flower. Finally, I added the words “He Promises” and my favorite verse these days about Abraham in Hebrews 6:15.

So, dear friend, when you need a reminder about God’s promises, be encouraged with this image, and the fact that patient waiting leads to the fruition of your hope in God’s promises.

God bless you.

♥ Blessings and Grace to You!


myPhotoWalk Devotional

And so, after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised.
Hebrews 6:15

myPhotoWalk Technical

  • Title: He Promises
  • Description: A blooming flower in Palm Desert, California, USA.
  • Creator: Catherine Martin
  • Date Created: 10/01/16
  • Camera: Nikon D810, Micro-Nikkor 200mm, FL 200mm, ISO 100, f/14, 1.6sec.
  • Photoshoot: myPhotoWalk PhotoShoot in Palm Desert, California, USA.
  • Post-Processing: Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop, Nik Software, Topaz Software, ON1 Software.
  • Copyright ©2018 Catherine Martin – myPhotoWalk™ – Quiet Time Ministries. All Rights Reserved.
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