myPhotoWalk — Savoring God’s Promises of Hope — Press Release

January 25, 2017
Palm Desert, California
Softcover ISBN: 978-0-9979327-1-3
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0-9979327-2-0
Apple® iBook ISBN: 978-0-9979327-3-7
Adobe® PDF 4 Kindle ISBN: 978-0-9979327-4-4
Subjects: Religion: Christian Life – Devotional, Spiritual Growth; Photography: Individual Photographers – Artists’ Books
Worldwide Distribution: Ingram Content Group and

Catherine Martin, a graduate of Bethel Theological Seminary and founder of Quiet Time Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interdenominational ministry, are pleased to announce the 2017 multiformat release of myPhotoWalk—Savoring God’s Promises Of Hope: Discovering The Power Of God Who Makes Things Happen, produced in unique 8.5×8.5in photography style full color premium print and ebook formats.

This key Christian devotional release by Quiet Time Ministries Press is the second in the myPhotoWalk Publications Series and Catherine Martin’s 26th publications release. The cover art is the product of Catherine’s own myPhotoWalk Smugmug Devotional Photography portfolio and her full color interior photography images enhance every daily devotion. Custom color prints are available for all book photography at Catherine Martin — This devotional book presents 31 ‘great and precious’ biblical promises of hope, each with its special full-page devotional image, then paired quotes from devotional classics, hymns, and spiritual poetry in a photographic layout, each devotional promise section inviting you to rejoice in hope of the glory of God. These carefully chosen 31 essential promises of hope are ones Catherine has discovered in the Bible during her own quiet times. Catherine Martin’s myPhotoWalk Devotional Photography portfolio images are specifically paired with every devotion covering a wide range of topics from systematic theology targeting effective spiritual formation — the theology of hope and spiritual growth all in one book written for both men and women. Detailed Photography Notes are presented in the Appendix.

Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 15:13 NASB

Start your day with God’s great and precious promises of hope. These one page devotions will guide your focus to the unchangeable truths of God, giving you joy, peace, and confidence to live an abundant life amidst trials. Each devotional entry includes a brief passages of Scripture, a fresh inspirational thought, and a simple prayer. Catherine Martin’s myPhotoWalk Devotional Photography portfolio enhances every daily devotion. Dramatic photographic design enables you to share God’s heart from His Word with quotes from devotional classics, impactful Scripture, beloved hymns, and spirit-lifting poetry. This devotional photographic journey will be a spiritual treasure to experience time and time again.

••• When You Long to Know Jesus ••• When You Face Temptation ••• When You Sin ••• When You Are Anxious and Fearful ••• When You Need Encouragement about Prayer ••• When Your Heart Is Broken ••• When You Feel Weak ••• When You Are Stressed ••• When You Feel Overwhelmed ••• When You Fall into Despair ••• When You Need Assurance of God’s Plan ••• When You Are Grieving ••• When You Need A Miracle ••• When Your Life Does Not Make Sense ••• When You Need to Experience God’s Power ••• When You Are Losing Hope ••• When You Need to Wait ••• When You Feel Your Life Is Going Nowhere ••• When You Are Feeling Hurt ••• When You Feel Alone ••• When You Need Strength ••• When You Feel Forgotten ••• When You Need the Grace of God ••• When You Are Suffering ••• When You Suffer Persecution ••• When You Have a Need ••• When You Need Strength for the Impossible ••• When You Can’t Let Go of Guilt ••• When You Are Losing Heart ••• When You Need Assurance of Your Heavenly Home ••• When You Need the Hope of Eternity.
31 Essential Promises Giving You Hope

♥ God bless you in the great adventure of knowing Him!


— Savoring God’s Promises
Of Hope

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— Savoring God’s Promises
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