Job 14:7

For there is hope for a tree, when it is cut down, that it will sprout again, and its shoots will not fail.
Job 14:7
John Henry Jowett, in his book The Silver Lining, says, “If He purposes my perfection, then all my circumstances will be made to conspire to the accomplishment of His will…Sorrow can accomplish what comfort would always fail to do.” Sometimes only the tempest can bring out the music. Those who learn in the university of suffering have lives that sing to the world. Jowett goes on to say, “Have we not known men whose lives have not given out any entrancing music in the day of a calm prosperity, but who, when the tempest drove against them, have astonished their fellows by the power and strength of their music?” Dr.Peter Kuzmic says, “Hope is the ability to listen to the music of the future. Faith is the courage to dance to it in the present.” The music of the future plays through the promises of God, and faith dances and sings along.
Catherine Martin in Walking With The God Who Cares — Finding Hope When You Need It Most

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  • Title: There Is Always Hope
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  • Description: A tree standing tall in Idyllwild, CA, USA.
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