myPhotoWalk — Quiet Time Moments — Do You Know Who You Are?

December 01, 2016
Palm Desert, California
Worldwide Distribution: The Quiet Time Live Channel @ YouTube
myPhotoWalk—Quiet Time Moments — Do You Know Who You Are?
© 2016 Catherine Martin – Quiet Time Ministries — All Rights Reserved
Ⓟ 2012 Stefanie Kelly — All Rights Reserved
Created in Palm Desert, California, USA

Hey, did you see Catherine Martin’s myPhotoWalk video featuring the single Who You Are by recording artist Stefanie Kelly?

Quiet Time Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interdenominational ministry, presents a special myPhotoWalk video featuring recording artist Stefanie Kelly’s amazing single, Who You Are, from her Ten Times Twenty album, lushly layered over Catherine Martin’s myPhotoWalk—Quiet Time Moments devotional photography portfolio.

What’s your place in the universe? Who are you … really?

“Come away … to a quiet place” (Mark 6:31) and find out.

“Who You are holds the skies in place …” sings Stefanie Kelly.

Do you know … Who You Are?

Special thanks to Stefanie Kelly
Who You Are Used With Permission. — Ⓟ 2012 Stefanie Kelly — All Rights Reserved.

Get it on iTunes® — Ten Times Twenty by Stefanie Kelly.

Ten Times Twenty—Stefanie Kelly Apple Music Reviews
Stefanie has such an amazing voice and a love for God that inspired our entire church! Her commitment and passion for putting out godly music in these times, and keeping it fresh is a symbol of true artistry! Buy this your soul will thank you for it!
Cyanide Fish — Amazing!
Stefanie Kelly has always been amazing in the music she composes but the worship is beautiful and that is what makes this album so great!
Inyofacesucka — Kind of Amazing!
I had the privilege of experiencing Stefanie’s beautiful talent and love for The Lord in person this past weekend. She is wonderfully talent and a real delight to speak too. This album is amazing. Some of my favorite Christian songs of all time.
Mandiraquel1 — Amazing

Watch the Book Trailer on YouTube® — myPhotoWalk—Quiet Time Moments by Catherine Martin.

View the book series on Quiet Time Ministries — myPhotoWalk—Quiet Time Moments by Catherine Martin.

myPhotoWalk—Quiet Time Moments Book Reviews
… a treasure trove of spiritual inspiration and a collection of incredible photographs! I know of no one better equipped to share God’s love and peace with you than Catherine Martin. … Catherine has produced a wonderful resource for you to treasure and ponder as you deepen your walk with Him.
Bill Fortney — Professional Photographer
Catherine is a gifted photographer and writer. Her insights into Scripture and life are thought provoking. I highly recommend this devotional. Even my husband likes it and he usually does not read devotionals. It is also beautiful enough to keep on your coffee table!
Aspen Reader —
What a breathtaking picture to marvel in the Lord’s beauty. It’s hard to stay downtrodden when imaging all of His glory and splendor. Praise God for the gift He has given you in transforming your beautiful pictures into a devotional book.
Tatina Firle —

♥ God bless you in the great adventure of knowing Him!


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