Hebrews 4:16

Therefore let us draw near with confidence to the throne of grace, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help in time of need.
Hebrews 4:16
Have you noticed that God’s knowledge of you is not passive as though He is far-off and uncaring. No—God’s knowledge of you is personal active and involved in the details of you. He loves you and desires intimacy with you…Will you draw near to Him today and engage in this most intimate, personal relationship with the Creator of the Universe who loves you?
Catherine Martin in A Heart That Hopes In God — Truths From The Psalms To Anchor Your Soul

♥ Blessings and Grace to You!


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  • Title: The Praying Bunny
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  • Description: A bunny on a rainy morning in Palm Desert, California, USA.
  • Creator: Catherine Martin
  • Date Created: 1/9/18
  • Camera: Nikon D810, Nikkor 80-400mm, FL 360mm, ISO 800, f/5.6, 1/15sec.
  • Photoshoot: myPhotoWalk Photo Shoot in Palm Desert, California, USA.
  • Post-Processing: Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Photoshop.
  • Copyright ©2018 Catherine Martin – myPhotoWalk™ – Quiet Time Ministries. All Rights Reserved.
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