How To Start A Quiet Time Study

There is nothing as exciting as being involved with the Lord seeing Him change lives!
Catherine Martin on Leading Group Bible Studies

Do you have a burning desire in your heart to see others around you transformed by Jesus Christ in the same way He has transformed your own life? Then, you are a Leader! We see in the Book of Acts that the Word of God kept spreading as the Holy Spirit transformed the lives of those who surrendered to Jesus Christ [Acts 6:7, 12:24, 19:20].

   Make the most of your opportunity as a Leader
with Quiet Time Ministries resources!

What Is A Small Group?

Well, according to Scripture,’You’ is a group! After all, during your quiet time, you pray to the Father [Luke 11:1-2 NASB], in the name of the Son [Romans 1:9 NKJV], with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit [Jude 1:20 NASB]. Jesus, in Dr. Luke’s account of the feeding of the five thousand, urged the twelve disciples to organize small groups. “(For there were about five thousand men.) And He said to His disciples, ‘Have them sit down to eat in groups of about fifty each.'” [Luke 9:14 NASB]. So for practical purposes of organization and finance, you are a small group up to about ‘fifty’ participants.

Ideas for Small Groups

  • You and a friend!
  • You and your spouse!
  • You and your next door neighbors!
  • Your family and the family across town!
  • Your breakfast club, lunch associates, shopping friends, golf foursome, movie buddies, or regular dinner companions!
  • Your Sunday school class, church prayer team, fellowship circle, or home Bible study group.

Guidelines For Small Groups

  • What is your spiritual goal? — If devotional, lean towards the A Devotional Journeys such as A Woman’s Heart That Dances and A Woman’s Walk In Grace. If spiritual growth, select one of the A 30-Day Journeys, all of them great for church campaigns. Remember that the A 30-Day Journey series is designed as a comprehensive spiritual formation course in systematic theology — and without ever having to go to a theological seminary! So be bold and explore new spiritual areas. If Bible study, find a great topic among the books of either the A Quiet Time Experience or Quiet Times For The Heart series.
  • What is the size of your group? — If its just you and a few friends, the sky’s the limit. Pick any book by topic; it’ll be great! But if it’s you and a few hundred of your closest friends in a large church group, head straight for the 30-day journeys or books of quiet times. You can narrow the choices by time frame, A 30-Day Journey series is five weeks and the A Quiet Time Experience or Quiet Times For The Heart series are longer at eight or nine weeks.
  • What are the financial resources of your group? If limited, each participant can get along just fine with their Bible and one of the books of quiet times, perhaps adding personal weekly Digital M4V Video or Digital MP3 Audio as a less expensive multimedia solution. If more substantial, think big! Put together a multimedia study or campaign from the A 30-Day Journey series, or either series of the books of quiet times. Start your research with Why You’ll Love Quiet Time Studies that includes an introductory video and an information table about all the quiet time studies. As a Leader, you’ll love the selection of DVD Leaders Kits that include the Book, the complete DVD Video series, and The Quiet Time Journal. For the highest quality video and ultimate versatility, choose an HD Leaders Kit that includes the Book, the complete downloadable HD 1080p Digital Video series, and The Quiet Time Journal.
  • What is your anticipated time frame? — If moderate, but not unlimited, consider the user-friendly format of the A 30-Day Journey series, organized into 5 weeks, with 5 days of devotional reading and personal response per week, and then a 6th day of practical quiet time experience. And if substantial, become adventurous with the A Quiet Time Experience or Quiet Times For The Heart series organized into 8 or 9 weeks with 5 days of quiet times per week, then days 6 & 7 for review and meditation.
  • What are your expectations? — As Luke 4:32 reports about the teaching of Jesus, “They were surprised and impressed — his teaching was so forthright, so confident, so authoritative …” [The Message]. Take the A 30-Day Journey, Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time, for example. For you and a few friends, imagine Six Secrets as 5 weeks of personal spiritual revival, culminating each week with a quiet time of devotion. For small groups up to fifty participants, imagine Six Secrets as an opportunity to learn The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan and share it with friends. And for churches, imagine Six Secrets as a campaign for growing your ministry, perhaps at the start or conclusion of your Bible study season. Imagine the possibilities!

Choose a Quiet Time Study by Topic

Quiet Time Study Logistics For New Leaders

  • Make a list of family and friends you would like to invite to the study.
  • Prepare to lead the discussion yourself, or ask someone you know who loves to lead Bible study discussions.
  • Find a location for your study. You may choose to have it in your home or at your church.
  • Determine the schedule for class each week. You may choose to have a discussion with fellowship afterwards, or have a 45 minute discussion, a break, and then a message based on the material studied that week. Catherine Martin can be at your study and present the message – live on DVD Video!
  • Determine the time frame for your study. You may want to have an Introductory Class in addition to the weeks of study in your ‘book of quiet times’ or ‘a 30-day journey.’ Some classes desire more time for personal study and discussion, and you may choose to allow two weeks for each week of study.
  • Once you know how many have signed up, place your order for the books, DVD Leaders Kit, and any additional resources online, or by calling our offices at 1-800-925-6458.

The things which you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses, entrust these to faithful men who will be able to teach others also. [2 Timothy 2:2 NASB]

God bless you as you lead others in a study of His Word. I will be praying for you as a leader. ‘Commit your way to the Lord, trust in Him and He will do it.’ [Psalm 37:5]
♥ Enjoy!


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