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Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

The Healthy Hilary Show — WGCH AM1490 — NewsTalk Radio — Greenwich CT

The Healthy Hilary Show Airs Thursdays 9:30-10:00 a.m. on WGCH News Talk AM1490, the voice of Fairfield and Westchester Counties, located in Greenwich, Connecticut. Hilary Lesser is a sparkling on-air personality who makes a career of teasing insightful interviews from an eclectic list of topics including religion and spirituality, politics, literature, food, books, shopping, and just about everything that affects your lifestyle. She is a perennial favorite for this secular news talk radio station that broadcasts to prestigious Greenwich, Connecticut, the bedroom city for the movers and shakers who work in nearby New York City. This show reaches a wide and varied audience throughout much of New England; the airing of a spiritual topic such as God’s grace is a testament to the faith and grace of host Hilary Lesser.

This interactive interview centers on what it means to walk in grace, both for the Christian woman personally and in her many roles in the secular world. The interview complements the release of the A Devotional Journey Series book by Catherine Martin – A Woman’s Walk In Grace from Harvest House Publishers.

Sola Scriptura

Catherine has said in Chapter 7, Riches For Poverty, of A Woman’s Walk In Grace, “Grace finds people who are poor in spirit and pours out spiritual riches on them.” Share your experiences of how God’s Grace showing through you can begin to have an effect on the secular world.

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