Walking And Talking With God

Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

91.7 KNEO FM Neosho, MO — The Author’s Corner with Adam Winkler Radio Program

Adam Winkler, host of The Author’s Corner radio program on KNEO 91.7 FM in Neosho, Missouri, interviews Catherine about what it means to walk and talk with God in passionate prayer. Adam Winkler is also Director of Operations at Sky High Broadcasting, the parent network of KNEO. This Christian radio station reaches a large coverage area in southwest Missouri, but also extends into Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas to a population of about 500,000 people. KNEO is known as the station “where you turn for The Word.” They affirm: “In the day we now live in, it seems that hearing the Word of God is rare. Many substitutes are offered from many pulpits across the land, but here at KNEO our mission is clear: impact society, never compromise the message of the Gospel, and be flexible with the method used to get the Word out. Times change and so do people, but God’s Word never changes?”

Sola Scriptura

How did Jesus model prayer in His own life? What can be learned from Jesus’ life about the private nature of prayer in the audience of God?

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