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Takiela Bynum, producer and host of Podcasting His Beauty internet radio program interviews Catherine about what it means to “pray passionately” in our quiet time. The Lord has wrought miracles through the life of Takiela Bynum. Life’s circumstances ignited a blaze, and reduced her broken spirit to ashes. She has been restored from cremation and beautified with salvation. Takiela wrote at her leisure as a tween, and her work proved as evidence of incipient literary composer. God had a purpose for her pleasure – to minister. One must first be hurt in order to be healed, held captive in order to be freed, and cast down to be exalted, that is the basis of her prose. The Lord exchanged the ashes of her life for His beauty, indeed. She desires to be chief among givers (philanthropist) offering her time, knowledge, and resources that God may be glorified. The interview is presented on and also on posted 7/14/09 under category – cafe-au-lait-nonfiction as a Today With Takiela Podcast.

Sola Scriptura

How does God help us in prayer? What are the ways the Holy Spirit helps us in prayer? What are some of your favorite ways to pray e.g. Adore God In Prayer, as part of The P.R.A.Y.E.R. Quiet Time Plan?

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Lively discussions, varied viewpoints, and call-in questions, too. Always Bible.
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