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Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

850 WWJC AM Duluth MN ~ Northland Notebook Radio Talk Show

WWJC 850 AM is an interdenominational nonprofit evangelistic organization founded in 1959. WWJC is governed by a board of directors, with offices and studios located in Duluth, MN. WWJC ministers to the whole body of Christ, with programs that offer biblical answers. Committed to bringing Christian radio to the Northland – using the airwaves to profess, proclaim and spread the word of God from the rising of the sun to its going down the name of the Lord is Praised on WWJC. This radio ministry is giving the winds a mighty voice, of praise and worship to God in Northland in Minnesota – battling against the forces of evil, but more importantly for the heart and soul of those who need to turn their lives over to Jesus.

Northland Notebook ~ Live, innovative, thought-provoking, enthusiastic. A discussion of important issues of the day. Weekdays at 10:00 AM on WWJC 850 AM, Duluth, MN. It’s all good stuff. Real life, on real radio. It’s the type of show you can listen to, a breath of fresh air. Fast-paced, impassioned-dialog, with seasoned wit and wisdom. Helping listeners make responsible choices. The program features newsmakers from all walks of life; politicians, entertainers, preachers, theologians, doctors, psychologists, homemakers, authors, and everyday people. Everyone has a story to tell and you can hear his or her story on Northland Notebook with Ted Elm.

Ted Elm interviews Catherine about having passion for your prayer life.

Sola Scriptura

What makes prayer effective?

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catherine martin at soundcloud
Lively discussions, varied viewpoints, and call-in questions, too. Always Bible.
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