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Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

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Johann “Yo” Snyder, producer and host of Raw Talk, went to school to become a journalist, but ended up in radio through a series of wacky adventures too involved to detail here. Working his way from a volunteer and intern starting in 1997, Johann has been involved with KNKT, Albuquerque, in a variety of capacities. He currently hosts Raw Talk each Sunday night on KLYT 88.3 FM, and assists with programs on sister station KNKT such as ABQ Connect and Scott Richards Live. Why is Yo a Christian DJ? “I really liked the idea of being able to encourage people, to give them something to smile about, or to say something that might make their day better. Best of all, as a Christian DJ, I can do that with more than just a joke.” Raw Talk is a live, local platform for discussing the real issues that affect your life.

M88 is a unique, non-commercial, Christian rock and pop radio station. Based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, M88 targets a global youth and young adult audience. Using translators located throughout the state of New Mexico and southern Colorado, along with an online streaming capability, M88 reaches out to listeners around the world. Listeners from Canada, Germany, and Australia send emails telling how much they love listening to the station on their computers, and how thankful they are that M88 can provide the tunes they want to hear!

This interview hosted by the inimitable Yo is all about dedicating your year to the leading of The Holy Spirit.

Sola Scriptura

Why is personal spiritual revival like a river of living water?

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Lively discussions, varied viewpoints, and call-in questions, too. Always Bible.
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