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Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

Cindy Rushton Ultimate Women’s Expo Internet Radio Talk Show

Cindy is a dedicated internet ministry providing premium audio webinars via blogtalkradio through The Ultimate Women’s Expo. Cindy’s theme is “Getting Back o God’s Design For The Godly Home”, also producing the Mom-to-Mom Radio Show for a large internet audience. Cindy says, “Our prayer is that through your time with us, you will be encouraged in your heart, equipped in a greater way for your call in life, and most of all, inspired to follow the Lord in ALL areas of your life.” This audio webinar is on the topic of the special nature of trust as it applies to knowing God’s names. It’s a complete hour including sections from Catherine’s messages for national retreats, conferences, and speaking engagements on Trusting In The Names Of God that complement her A 30-Day Journey and A Quiet Time Experience releases from Harvest House Publishers.

Sola Scriptura

What is the key to trusting in the names of God in your life?

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Lively discussions, varied viewpoints, and call-in questions, too. Always Bible.
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Trusting In The Names Of God

A 30-Day Journey
Drawing Strength from Knowing Who He Is

Trusting In The Names Of God

A Quiet Time Experience
God Has Made a Way for You to Know Him Better

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