Set My Heart On Fire 2

Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

90.3 WBCL FM ~ Mid-Morning Fort Wayne Radio Talk Show

Mid-Morning Host Lynne Ford. As a Mid-Morning host and producer, Lynne selects topics and schedules guests. As a writer and speaker, she invites followers of Christ to make Him their “One Thing.” A radio veteran for 25 years, Lynne is also one of the co-producers of WBCL ’s yearly Sharathon. She is a graduate of Taylor University Fort Wayne, with a degree in professional writing. WBCL is a 100,000 watt Christian contemporary music station with affiliates encompassing all of Indiana and its two neighboring states, Michigan and Ohio.

Joined by co-host and producer, Jamie Bennett, Lynne interviews Catherine for the Set My Heart On Fire Mid-Morning On-Air Bible Study. This is a good source for information about the 30-Day Journey book, Set My Heart On Fire by Catherine Martin, and may prove helpful for your own study of the power of The Holy Spirit.

Introduction Week: Have you ever watched a sailboat move effortlessly on the water as the wind catches its sails? Can you imagine what it would be like to have the wind catch the sails of your life, enabling you to sail on the ocean of God’s love, and move you in the direction of God’s plans and purposes? This week we begin the adventure of Set My Heart On Fire – Experience The Power Of The Holy Spirit. And oh, what an adventure it is, for when we talk about the Spirit of God, we are entering into the land of God’s person, power, and presence. As we engage in this 30-Day Journey together, I am convinced that our lives will never be the same. How can we get the most out of this adventure? Begin with a time, a place, and a plan. I want to encourage you to set aside a time and place to spend quiet time with the Lord each day. I like the mornings the best. I get up early, brew a steaming cup of coffee, and sit in my family room, where I like to spend time with the Lord. In my family room, my quiet place with the Lord, I have my Bible, my quiet time notebook, and other resources for my quiet time. For our adventure together, my plan for my quiet time for the next 30 days will be Set My Heart On Fire.
~ Catherine Martin

This week we will read the Introduction and Days 1-6 of Set My Heart On Fire. I want to encourage all of us to take time with each day’s reading and response. You will notice that there is a place for you to write a letter to the Lord at the end of Day 1. This is one of my favorite part’s of every study I write because I just love to see what God does in our lives as we study His Word. At the end of our 30 days, we will read this letter and rejoice together at all we have experienced with our Lord.
~ Catherine Martin

And so, dear friends, our journey begins. I am praying that the Lord will set our hearts on fire more and more each day and that we will shine brightly for the Lord. May we all, day by day, be filled with the Spirit (Ephesians 5:18).
~ Catherine Martin

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