Set My Heart On Fire 4

Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

90.3 WBCL FM ~ Mid-Morning Fort Wayne Radio Talk Show

Mid-Morning Host Lynne Ford. As a Mid-Morning host and producer, Lynne selects topics and schedules guests. As a writer and speaker, she invites followers of Christ to make Him their “One Thing.” A radio veteran for 25 years, Lynne is also one of the co-producers of WBCL ’s yearly Sharathon. She is a graduate of Taylor University Fort Wayne, with a degree in professional writing. WBCL is a 100,000 watt Christian contemporary music station with affiliates encompassing all of Indiana and its two neighboring states, Michigan and Ohio.

Joined by co-host and producer, Jamie Bennett, Lynne interviews Catherine for the Set My Heart On Fire Mid-Morning On-Air Bible Study. This is a good source for information about the 30-Day Journey book, Set My Heart On Fire by Catherine Martin, and may prove helpful for your own study of the power of The Holy Spirit.

Week Two: Many years ago when I lived in San Diego, California, there was a powerful windstorm. The wind was blowing so hard that the water in our swimming pool was lapping up over the edge. I looked at our table by the pool and observed the edges of the umbrella flapping wildly from the force of the wind. And then a great gust of wind blew through our back yard and caused that umbrella to lift in the air with such strength that the table lifted off the ground and then came crashing back down. I knew that if I did not take immediate action that table was going to end up in the pool. I ran outside just as another gust of wind hit the table with great force. I literally grabbed the table and the umbrella just as it was about to go flying into our pool. I was hanging on to it for dear life, feeling the full force of a wind that wanted to take it in another direction. I won the battle for the moment, but just barely preserved our furniture. The point is this: there is something very powerful that happens when the wind begins to blow. Things get moved around in the direction of the wind. And so it is for you and me. When the wind of the Holy Spirit moves through your life, you are going to experience change. The Spirit-filled life is not about imitation but transformation. The old becomes brand new—in fact, you might think about the whole idea of a metamorphosis—the best picture of this I know of is the caterpillar becoming an amazingly beautiful monarch butterfly. In our case, we don’t want to hold on to our old ways, but we want to set our sails to catch the powerful move of the Holy Spirit so He can make us who He wants us to be and take us in the direction of God’s ways and purposes. This week we are going to see what the Holy Spirit wants to do in our lives. And oh, friends, these are such powerful truths. I cannot wait to think together with you about the ways we experience the presence of the Holy Spirit in our lives. And more than that, Lynne, Jamie, and I are so excited to discuss these powerful truths with you on the radio.
~ Catherine Martin

Sola Scriptura

What relationship does the Holy Spirit have to the Bible, the Word of God?

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