Trusting God In Tough Times

Catherine Martin National Radio Interview

Viewpoint National Radio Talk Show

Viewpoint is a new breed of Christian talk show moving “from information to transformation.” Chuck Crismier, veteran attorney, author, and pastor, is President of Save America Ministries. Listeners call him “fearless.” Chuck has an amazing ability to probe below the surface and deal with issues that few dare to touch – matters of the heart that reach into our homes from the Church House to the White House. It’s powerful! It’s dialogue that demands decision. It’s Viewpoint!

This show airs on stations from New York to Virginia as part of the IRN USA News Network, based in Germantown, TN, carrying a variety of Christian and secular programming. Dallas-based USA Radio Network, Inc., a privately held company, has merged with the Information Radio Network based in Memphis, Tennessee. The new company will be called IRN/USA Radio Network and will have a combined affiliate base of almost 2500 radio stations.

Chuck Crismier interviews Catherine about the biblical basis of trusting in the names of God in “tough times.”

Sola Scriptura

How does trusting in Yahweh, He Is Everything You Need, impact your life?

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Lively discussions, varied viewpoints, and call-in questions, too. Always Bible.
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