Experiencing The Hope Of A New Day

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Experiencing The Hope Of A New Day — Girl Talk @ Harvest Christian Fellowship with Catherine Martin

Quiet Time Ministries, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit interdenominational ministry, presents the video message, Experiencing The Hope Of A New Day, video courtesy of Harvest Christian Fellowship, Orange County and Riverside, CA.

Catherine had the great privilege to speak to over 2000 women at three sessions on July 6-7, 2011, the opening week of Harvest Christian Fellowship’s Girl Talk 2011. The events took place in Orange County, California, and Riverside, California, the homes of Greg Laurie’s Harvest Christian Fellowship church campuses. A very special speaking opportunity! GIRL TALK 2011 – the brain child of Cathe Laurie and the wonderful women’s ministry team at HCF – answered the question, “wondering what to do this summer?”

Cathe Laurie is director of the women’s ministry at Harvest Christian Fellowship and teaches in the Women’s Bible Fellowship at Harvest. Cathe’s women’s ministry website is titled Virtue For Women highlighting Proverbs 31:10 — “Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies.”

This message was presented by Catherine in Newport Beach, California, on a Thursday Evening. There’s a special mini-session at the end of the message where Catherine shares on how to really have a quiet time. Everyone has been led in prayer. Grab your Bible, take notes in The Quiet Time Notebook, and enjoy!

Catherine’s Note

In the summer of 2011, I had the opportunity for a ministry trip to the beautiful southern California coast to speak at a special event for women called Girl Talk at Harvest Christian Fellowship, Orange County and Riverside, the home church of Pastor Greg Laurie. I was privileged to speak on the topic of Faith and gave the message, Experiencing the Hope of a New Day. The women set the stage up to look like a living room and I taught all about how to have a quiet time. I included the wonderful verses from Isaiah 43 with the promises of a new day from the Lord. All of us a need that hope of a new day every day of our lives. Just when we may think life is over, it’s NOT over, thanks to the amazing creative work of our Lord.

First I spoke twice in Orange County to more than 800 women. Then, the next day I spoke in Riverside to more than 1400 women. What a powerful time we had together and what a joy for me to challenge all of us to draw near to God and deepen our devotion to Him.

Let me just say that I absolutely love the Women’s Ministry Team of Harvest Christian Fellowship. They are led by Cathe Laurie and Jan Vance and include amazing women leaders who are true SWOGs (Super Women Of God). I have had the privilege to serve together with these women at different conferences and retreats over the years. They love God and His Word and are committed to following Christ. Just look at the faces of these women — they are serious about the Lord and just love serving Him. Thank You Lord for these women. I pray that you will pour out your blessing and favor on them!

Editor’s Note

Experiencing The Hope For A New Day, an exploration of faith, hope, and the promises of God, was the topic chosen by Cathe Laurie and the Harvest Christian Fellowship women’s ministry team for Week One of the Girl Talk 2011 summer conference series. Little did they know, Catherine was deep into a new edition rewrite for the popular A Quiet Time Experience — A Heart That Hopes In God. Well, A Heart That Hopes In God — the sparkling new Second Edition — was released by Quiet Time Ministries on July 1, 2011. God’s timing is everything! Amen!

Sola Scriptura

You’ve heard Catherine’s message on hope for a new day. What is the greatest area of your life where you need the help of the Lord?

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Experiencing The Hope Of A New Day — Girl Talk @ Harvest Christian Fellowship with Catherine Martin.

Special thanks to Harvest Christian Fellowship, Orange County and Riverside, CA.

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