Shall We Dance — Sandy Cove MD

On Thursday, I will board an American Airlines jet at Palm Springs International Airport, and fly all the way across the country for a wonderful ministry opportunity to a group of women from Central — A Christ Centered Church, Ewing, New Jersey.

This trip will actually take me to North East, Maryland, where I will speak at the Sandy Cove Christian Conference Center right on the northern tip of the spectacular Chesapeake Bay. The reason I know the Chesapeake Bay is spectacular is that my husband is from Maryland, and forever sings the praises of Chesapeake Bay Crab. And I agree!

What Goes Into A Speaking Trip?

When I go on a speaking trip, I plan and prepare for months in advance. The whole process gets my adrenaline going for the Lord. This planning includes:

  • writing the messages tailored specifically to the topic and the audience
  • preparing a devotional quiet time for all the women to enjoy on their retreat
  • designing all the PowerPoint slides for the presentations
  • praying together with all the retreat/conference organizers

At the upcoming retreat next weekend I will be speaking on our intimate relationship with the Lord entitled Shall We Dance? My messages will focus on four amazing women in the Bible who danced with the Lord: the woman at the well, Mary and Martha, Anna, and Mary Magdalene. Oh,and I am so excited to share these messages from the Bible! I pray that everyone who hears them will be challenged to lean in to the embrace of Jesus and dance.

And the weekend before I leave I always pack, and then review all my messages asking the Lord to lead me as I teach from His Word.

Leaving for Sandy Cove. Praying for the Lord to work powerfully among us.
Catherine Martin, 3/16/12
Our dance with the Lord permeates every aspect of our life. And in every situation, whether easy or hard, good or bad, simple or difficult, the Lord wants to dance with you. Our Lord is extending His hand, inviting you to lean in to His embrace and let Him lead, fulfilling His plan and purpose in your life.
Catherine Martin, A Woman’s Heart That Dances

Sandy Cove Ministries is a year round Christian conference center in North East Maryland offering church retreats, summer youth and family camps, women’s events, men’s weekends, couples getaways, mother-daughter and father-son experiences as well as pastors, seniors and singles conferences. Candy Davison is the Women’s Ministries Director for Sandy Cove Ministries. “If you’ve never been to a Sandy Cove Women’s Weekend, then you don’t know what you’re missing! These events are without question among the highest caliber Christian women’s gatherings in the Mid-Atlantic! Music, ministry, teaching, relaxing, talking, and laughing – these are a few of the reasons you should come! … In case you’ve lost your way, wandered off the path briefly, or just need a rest, the compass will always point to Jesus Christ. He’s here, by the way!”

I love the opportunities to speak and teach others from God’s Word. I view all of ministry as a stewardship entrusted by the Lord. When we minister with the gifts given by the Lord, we must do it with professionalism, purpose, prayer, and passion. And so, as you think of me this coming week, please pray that the Lord moves among us in a powerful way.

Catherine, thank you so much for being our speaker this weekend. It was an awesome weekend! Thanks for autographing my books. I look forward to developing a more in-depth and consistent quiet time.
Darlene Mitchell Scheiderich
I love this picture! I like the angles of the pier, land, tree, and sun. You do have a gift for taking photos!
Marie Fruscione Benedetti
Just spent all day on planes, arrived home and relishing the memories of a wonderful weekend with incredibly special, amazing women of God.
Catherine Martin, 3/19/12

♥ God bless you in the great adventure of knowing Him!


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