Meet Valerie — Dialogue & Interact

You’re on the road with Cath!

Meet Valerie — one of the most amazing, on-fire-for-the-Lord Christians I’ve ever met in my life.

Here is a woman that I was privileged to spend some time with when I spoke at the Carlsbad Community Church, Carlsbad, CA, Women’s Retreat from October 2-4, 2009. Valerie isn’t even from that church.

Valerie went online to Christian Book Distributors looking for a book on prayer. Guess what book she found — Passionate Prayer — A 30-Day Journey. When she showed me her book, I almost fell over. It was amazing. If you’ve ever read any of the A 30-Day Journeys, then you know that I always encourage others to dialogue and interact with each day of reading. Well, let me tell you — Valerie knows how to do exactly that!

Look at one of the pages in her Passionate Prayer — A 30-Day Journey book. Every page was like this! I was just blown away. In fact, I was so thrilled with how she reads a book that I took numerous pictures for others to see, including her markup of A Woman’s Heart That Dances.

What you see here, my friends, is a heart for the Lord!

After she read Passionate Prayer, she looked in the back, found the Quiet Time Ministries phone number and called our office. She found out about the Carlsbad retreat and that was that.

Be encouraged by Valerie. If we all followed her example, I think there might be a fire of revival that would spread everywhere.

To God be the glory!

♥ God bless you in the great adventure of knowing Him!


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