Surprises On Retreat – Murrieta CA

I have been speaking at a number of retreats each weekend over the last many weeks.

I love these times of encouraging others to draw near to God, knowing and loving Him, and living for Him every day!

In particular, these past two weekends, I have been speaking at retreats at Calvary Chapel Conference Center in Murrieta Hot Springs, CA, to different churches each weekend. This is one of my favorite retreat places to speak. When you enter the gates and get onto this beautiful property, you feel as though you are in another world. The foliage is spectacular, and you are drawn to sit down on one of the many benches inviting you to just pause, reflect, and commune with the Lord.

Of course, I’m always up early, trying to catch the early morning light with the Lord and with my camera, and I caught the glow coming over the main chapel seen the gallery.

Then the surprise!

This last weekend, I set up the resource tables with all my books. As I was standing there, a young woman came rushing up to me while I was standing behind the table.

She said,

Catherine, you won’t remember me. But I saw you here last year at this same table. And I bought your book, Knowing and Loving the Bible. I lived in that book and it changed my life. I will never be the same! Thank you so much!
About Knowing and Loving The Bible

She hugged me, with tears in her eyes. Well, I’m going to tell you – I had tears in my eyes also. It’s why I go to all the work of having the book table at conferences, making books available for others to take home and live in so that they will draw near and experience God for themselves. I want others to learn how to have a quiet time and know and love the Bible. I always know that if a person gets one of these books, whether it’s A 30-Day Journey, A Quiet Time Experience, or Quiet Times For The Heart, if they will take time and draw near to the Lord, their life will never be the same. The Lord is faithful to speak to us in His Word through the power of the Holy Spirit, and the result is a transformed life.

Murrieta Hot Springs CA

Purchased in 1902 and opening for business in 1904, the Murrieta Hot Springs was to become a health spa and resort much like the ones that Fritz Guenther had seen in Europe. Fritz was a German immigrant who developed the Murrieta Hot Springs into Fritz’ original vision of a world-class resort and spa. In the early 1900’s, families, movie stars, and debutantes all would travel by train with large trunks to escape their troubles and breathe the fresh air. They would bathe and even drink the mineral spring water for its presumed health benefits.

Calvary Chapel Conference Center, Murrieta CA

Calvary Chapel Conference Center was established by well-known Pastor Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel, Costa Mesa, CA, for the purpose of glorifying God by providing a place for God’s people to grow and mature in their relationship through the teaching of His Word, worship, fellowship, recreation and rest.

Sometimes you just have to step away and go on retreat with the Lord.

Jesus invites us. “Come away with Me by yourselves to a quiet place and rest a little while” (Mark 6:31).

Maybe you need to go away on retreat. Maybe your heart needs some refreshing comfort and encouragement from God and His Word. It’s easy and hard all at the same time. Easy once you get there, but hard to get away. The pull of earthly responsibilities is strong. Ask God to help you carve out some time to breathe in the heavenly atmosphere of His love, peace, and joy.

“Times of refreshing come from the presence of the Lord” (Acts 3:19). Get there soon. Maybe even now. You’ll love every blessed moment away on retreat.

♥ God bless you in the great adventure of knowing Him!


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