There Is God

Surrender to God.

Sometimes you just have to bend the knee.

And maybe it is much more true that we should always live in a state of surrender. So it is more correct and true to say that we must always bend the knee to God. He is sovereign and reigns supreme over our heart and the details and circumstances of our life. He is ever present in the landscape of our life. Bending the knee is more easily accomplished when you know your God.

David learned this through the many seasons of life with His Lord. He concluded that those who know Your name will trust in You (Psalm 9:10). Knowing God’s name means you know God – who He is, what He does, and what He says. Do you know Him? Really know Him? Have you drawn near to Him, spent time with Him, and seen His heart? Can you recognize His moves in your life and say, “That’s my God, at work again.” Do you wrestle, as Corrie ten Boom used to say, or nestle with God?

Hannah Whitall Smith came to a defining moment in her life with the Lord and her words have inspired me again and again.

Hannah Whitall Smith, The God Of All Comfort

The thing that helped me personally more than anything else to come to a conviction that God was really enough for me was an experience I had some years ago. It was at a time in my religious life when I was passing through a great deal of questioning and perplexity, and I felt that no Christian had ever had such peculiar difficulties as mine before. There happened to be staying near me just then for a few weeks a lady who was considered to be a deeply spiritual Christian, and to whom I had been advised to apply for spiritual help. I summoned up my courage, therefore, one afternoon and went to see her, pouring out my troubles; I expected of course that she would take a deep interest in me, and would be at great pains to do all she could to help me.

She listened patiently enough, and did not interrupt me; but when I had finished my story, and had paused, expecting sympathy and consideration, she simply said, “Yes, all you say may be very true, but then, in spite of it all, there is God.”

I waited a few minutes for something more, but nothing came, and my friend and teacher had the air of having said all that was necessary. “But,” I continued, “surely you did not understand how very serious and perplexing my difficulties are.” “Oh, yes, I did,” replied my friend, “but then, as I tell you, there is God.” And I could not induce her to make any other answer. It seemed to me most disappointing and unsatisfactory. I felt that my peculiar and really harrowing experiences could not be met by anything so simple as merely the statement, “Yes, but there is God.” I knew God was there, of course, but I felt I needed something more than just God; and I came to the conclusion that my friend, for all her great reputation as a spiritual teacher, was at any rate not able to grapple with a peculiar case such as mine.

However, my need was so great that I did not give up with my first trial, but went to her again and again, always with the hope that she would sometime begin to understand the importance of my difficulties and would give me adequate help. It was of no avail. I was never able to draw forth any other answer. Always to everything would come the simple reply, with an air of entirely dismissing the subject, “Yes, I know; but there is God.” And at last by dint of her continual repetition I became convinced that my friend really and truly believed that the mere fact of the existence of God, as the Creator and Redeemer of mankind, and of me as a member of the race, was an all-sufficient answer to every possible need of His creatures. And at last, because she said it so often and seemed so sure, I began dimly to wonder whether after all God might not be enough, even for my need, overwhelming and secular as I felt it to be. From wondering I came gradually to believing, that, being my Creator and Redeemer, He must be enough; and at last a conviction burst upon me that He really was enough, and my eyes were opened to the fact of the absolute and utter all-sufficiency of God.

My troubles disappeared like magic, and I did nothing but wonder how I could ever have been such an idiot as to be troubled by them, when all the while there was God, the Almighty and all-seeing God, the God who had created me, and was therefore on my side, and eager to care for me and help me. I had found out that God was enough and my soul was at rest.

So today, dear friend, will you draw near and know who God is, what He does, and what He says? You will conclude, no matter what you face, that then there is God. And you will bend the knee, surrender, and worship.

♥ Blessings and Grace to You!


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