Quiet Time Resources For Travel

I have certain resources for my quiet time that I absolutely love.

They are so essential that I take them with me whenever I travel.

Summer is a time when many of us travel for days or even weeks at a time. When you travel, God is going to give you opportunities to spend quiet time with Him. Quiet time is something I look forward to when I’m away from all the daily responsibilities of life. I plan for it by scheduling the time and the place, and packing some favorite resources. I even pack a tote bag or backpack to hold all my materials so that I can hike, if necessary, to find those special places alone with the Lord. I also take my camera because photography often becomes a part of my quiet time where I slow down to behold the wonder and beauty of God.

Jesus set the example of quiet time for all of us.

Luke tells us,

Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray.
Luke 5:16

No matter where Jesus traveled, He took time away from the crowd to be still and pray in the quiet. If quiet time was essential for Him, then it must be for us.

  • My Bible — sometimes I’ll take more than one translation. If I am flying, I usually choose a smaller size Bible. But if I’m driving to a retreat location, I usually pack the Bibles I use in my daily quiet time (New American Standard and New International Version).
  • The Quiet Time Notebook — I love this resource and I have used it for many years. Writing out what God is teaching me is essential for transformation. It helps me think about what God is saying and how to apply it to my life. When I travel, if flying, I use The Quiet Time Journal that includes the Journal and Prayer pages from The Quiet Time Notebook.
  • Daily Light On The Daily Path — This devotional includes daily Scripture from all parts of the Bible based on one theme. I love reading it every day and anticipating how God is going to speak His Word directly into my life. The Word of God is always relevant and new every morning.
  • One of the A Quiet Time Experience or Quiet Times For The Heart books — When I travel, I always take one of these quiet time studies with me. The beauty of these books is that they include everything you need for a powerful quiet time — devotional reading, hymns, biographies, devotional Bible study, word studies, journaling, prayer, and practical application. When I travel, I make a point to live in passages of Scripture using one of these books.

I have been known to often pack all these essentials in one of my tote bags and grab a few hours at a local restaurant for breakfast with the Lord. As you spend time with the Lord each day, you discover those resources that God seems to use time and time again as you draw near to Him. I’ve used these resources for many years and love them more and more. Of course, my quiet time area at home is filled with devotionals, books, and other resources that have found a place in my quiet time.

So the next time you are packing for a trip, think about your quiet time, and grab some great resources that will help you draw near to God.

♥ God bless you in the great adventure of knowing Him!


Journaling pours out your soul to the Lord. When you journal, you become receptive to the voice of God. … Pouring out your soul to the Lord means to lift up every desire, need, joy, sorrow, and thought that is on your heart and in your mind to your Father who loves you more than you can imagine. It is done in the presence of God, directed to God, and intended for the glory of God.
Catherine Martin, Day Nine, Your Journal, Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time

The Quiet Time Notebook

The Quiet Time Notebooks
The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan

The Quiet Time Journal

The Quiet Time Notebooks
Pouring Out Your Soul to the Lord

The Devotional Bible Study Notebook

The Quiet Time Notebooks
Premium Quiet Time Devotional Studies

The Passionate Prayer Notebook

The Quiet Time Notebooks
The Passionate Prayer Growth Plan

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