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A Heart That Dances

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One of the most profound discoveries the child of God makes in the adventure of knowing God is that He is a personal God. He romances those He loves. … He is intensely interested in you. He wants to dance with you. … When God invites us to know [Hebrew ::: yada] Him, it means to understand personally by experience. It means intimacy.
Catherine Martin

A Heart That Dances — Series

Satisfy Your Desire for Intimacy with God

Key Verse

Taste and see that the Lord is good. Oh, the joys of those who trust in Him!
— Psalm 34:8 NLT

Catherine introduces biblical themes from this series on Intimacy With God, produced in the unique Quiet Times For The Heart Series format.

A Heart That Dances will take you on the great adventure of intimacy with God. I want you to experience firsthand the joy of life with the Lord as the celebration it truly is. To this end, you’ll look at how various biblical characters interacted with God. You will discover David the man after God’s own heart, and Moses, the one who spoke face to face with God as a man speaks with a friend. You will look at the people of Israel to learn about God’s heart of love for them. You will reflect on the special relationship the Old Testament prophets had with their Lord. And you will learn from His followers in the New Testament.
Catherine Martin

In A Heart That Dances, author Catherine Martin presents eight weeks of daily personal devotions that invite you to engage in the great adventure and celebrate before the Lord. Quiet Times For The Heart Series books are filled with illustrations and biographical sketches, inspirational selections from great devotional writers, and personal insights from Catherine. With this 8-week collection of complete quiet times, you will grow in your relationship with Jesus by using The P.R.A.Y.E.R.™ Quiet Time Plan™ : Prepare your heart, Read and study God’s Word, Adore God in prayer, Yield yourself to God, Enjoy His presence, Rest in His love. Leaders Guide Discussion Questions are available for download.

Perfect for individual study, prayer partners, small group Bible studies, or church campaigns.

  Weekly Viewer Guide with Message Notes — Leader Guide with Discussion Questions — available for free download as companion to DVD, M4V, MP3 multimedia.

   A Heart That Dances – Viewer Guide
   A Heart That Dances – Leader Guide

I did this book with a woman’s bible study, and we all LOVED it. It is so applicable to wherever you are in life, that we each were changed becuase of it. It is great for personal bible study or as a group. Each week takes you through a different person (from the Bible) who had an intimate relationship with Christ. By taking careful note of their relationships, we can learn how to have our own intimacy with Him. This is a perfect book if want to desire God more, and learn how to make Him a part of all you do. There is a lot room to answer questions, as well as a journal and prayer log in the back. The daily study takes about an hour each day for 8 weeks, but it is also easy to break it up into smaller increments if you are concerned about finding the time. I found I often wanted to spend longer studying the Word, because this book really did help ignite my passion for knowing God. God is real, God is good, He loves us, and He wants to spend time with us!
J. Bennett, Book Review
I was browsing through my local bookstore for a Bible study to do over the summer. The cover of the the book, “Lord, I Long for a Heart that Dances” was so poignant and personal. Then, when I opened the book, I discovered that (Praise God!) it was not your typical “be the little submissive 2nd class woman that you were intended to be” book. I was hooked on Catherine Martin from the first chapter of the first book! Thank you!
Janice Wooten, Email Commentary
This book has been life changing for me and also for the small groups I have used it for. Deals with a real life faith walk-dance with God. Keeps you in the Word, with added excerpts from respected Christians as well as powerful hymns of the faith. A book that inspires time with God and heart felt living as a result.
Luann Roberson, Book Review
This devotional is one of the best I’ve done! The author really focuses your attention on God and His desire to be intimate with us! You’ll love it!
Julie, Piqua, OH, Book Review

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A Heart That Dances

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