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Passionate Prayer

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Our time alone with God is where we read and hear God’s Word. But where will we go from there? Will we listen? Will we talk to God? Will we live by faith? Will we take God at His Word? These questions strike at the heart of effective prayers.
Catherine Martin

Passionate Prayer — Series

Go Deeper — and Higher — in Prayer

Key Verse

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done.
— Philippians 4:6 NLT

Catherine introduces biblical themes from this series on The Great Adventure Of Prayer, produced in the complementary A 30-Day Journey Series and A Quiet Time Experience Series formats.

Passionate Prayer – A 30-Day Journey and Passionate Prayer – A Quiet Time Experience are key series companions.

Passionate Prayer – A 30-Day Journey leads you step-by-step to a fresh experience of relating to God and participating in the adventure of prayer with a view to a complete Passionate Prayer Growth Plan that you can personalize. Passionate Prayer – A Quiet Time Experience provides you with everything you need for eight weeks of rich, meaningful devotions, as you pray your way through seven heartfelt psalms with the psalmists as your prayer partners. Both books are filled with illustrations and biographical sketches of biblical heroes of the faith who have had rich prayer experiences with God. There are inspirational selections from great devotional writers and personal insights from Catherine – all powerful catalysts for your spiritual growth.

I believe no task in our devotional lives can so inspire us to pray, admonish us to pray, and teach us to pray than knowing and praying the Psalms. They lift our prayers to greater heights and deepen the extent ouf our conversation with our Lord.
Catherine Martin

Perfect for individual study, prayer partners, small group Bible studies, or church campaigns. ✓ Leaders Guide Discussion Questions!

Passionate Prayer AQTE ::: Passionate Prayer: A Quiet Time Experience by Catherine Martin is hands down the most powerful, life-affecting book I have ever read in my life (next to the Bible, of course). It’s a companion volume to Passionate Prayer, and they can be read together, but I chose to read them consecutively to extend my time in Martin’s wonderful writing. She uses several Psalms of varying themes to encourage readers to turn to God in every season of their lives, whether grieving and persecuted or rejoicing, all are times to turn to God in prayer. The book is meant for use over 8 weeks, each week broken down into six lessons. The first five dig deep into that week’s selected Psalm with quotes from theologians and verses from Scripture. The sixth day is a short reading for contemplation. I’ve been writing in a prayer journal nightly for years, but my nightly prayer went from one page to often three or more pages, and my prayer life grew exponentially. I can’t begin to tell you all of the spiritual breakthroughs I had while reading this book. Not necessarily directly from the reading, but because my prayer life was so enriched I was able to hear God speak clearly and directly to me. Martin has a wonderful heart for God, and any reader will be blessed by this book.
Christina Lockstein, ChristyBookBlog, Book Review
Passionate Prayer AQTE ::: I rate is book an 10. Keep up with the good work.
Renee Blount, Book Review
Passionate Prqyer AQTE ::: Catherine Martin is a woman who loves the Lord, and loves His Word! She is contagious in both aspects. She leads us into Psalms, and into the life of David, to learn how to express our hearts transparently before Him. Anger, resentment, grief, joy, gratitude, repentance, thanksgiving; David expressed all of these openly before God without being rejected by Him, and we can, too! I love the organization of this study. The author lists the Scriptures in order, so you don’t have to flip back and forth!. She includes quotes from old hymns (I find myself singing along!) and other authors. This is a stand alone book, so it can be done individually. I am doing this with one other woman; we are growing a lot through our individual study, but also through our discussion. There are daily lessons for five out of seven days, so if you need to catch up you can. Day 6 and 7 include a writing about the subject for the week to meditate on and write about. Learning to pray was the cry of the disciple’s heart. Learning to pray is a hunger put in our heart by God. This is a good tool to use to learn.
JoyInHim, Barnes & Book Review
Passionate Prayer 30DJ ::: It is obvious from her responsibilities that Catherine Martin is well organized in her use of time. Add to that her spiritual gifts, natural abilities, understanding of the shallowness of much of American Christianity, biblical, historical, and theological studies, and practical Christian service and you have a formula for a powerful, engaging invitation to prayer. This detailed journey is for the serious seeker of a deeper walk with God … enriched by insights into her life and the rewarding discoveries she has made of Christ-followers of the past.
Clifford V. Anderson, Past Dean & Director, Bethel Theological Seminary, San Diego

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Passionate Prayer

A Quiet Time Experience
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