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Why You’ll Love Quiet Time Studies

Quiet Time Studies will help you draw near to God each day — You are going to grow to love your quiet time so much that you won’t be able to wait until you get up each morning just to spend time alone with the Lord.
Catherine Martin

A Devotional Journey

ADJ small groups
    • Twelve or Fourteen Weeks
    • Weekly Reading
    • Weekly Reflection
    • Study Guide Discussion Questions3
    • Apple® iBooks Editions6

A 30-Day Journey

30DJ church campaigns
    • Five Weeks
    • Daily Reading
    • Weekly Quiet Time1
    • Weekly DVD Video Message2
    • Digital M4V Video Messages
    • Digital MP3 Audio Messages
    • Leaders Guide Discussion Questions
    • Viewer Guides SS + WGC
    • DVD Leader Kits

A Quiet Time Experience

AQTE large groups
    • Eight Weeks
    • Daily Quiet Time1
    • Weekly Reflection
    • Weekly DVD Video Message2
    • Digital M4V Video Messages
    • Digital MP3 Audio Messages
    • Leaders Guide Discussion Questions
    • Viewer Guides Book
    • DVD Leader Kits
    • HD Leader Kits5

Quiet Times For The Heart

QTHS large groups
    • Eight or Nine Weeks
    • Daily Quiet Time1
    • Weekly Reflection
    • Weekly DVD Video Message2
    • Digital M4V Video Messages
    • Digital MP3 Audio Messages
    • Leaders Guide Discussion Questions4
    • Viewer Guides Book4
    • DVD Leader Kits
    • HD Leader Kits5

1 Quiet Times are experiential studies structured according to The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan.
2 Weekly Messages are available as DVD Video, Digital M4V Video, and Digital MP3 Audio.
3 Leaders Guide Discussion Questions are provided in a separate free downloadable PDF Study Guide for A Devotional Journey books.
4 A Heart That Dances includes a downloadable PDF Viewer Guide and a downloadable PDF Leaders Guide with Discussion Questions.
5 One Holy Passion AQTE, Walk On Water Faith AQTE, and Pilgrimage Of The Heart QTHS. Sponsor a new HD Leaders Kit Series!
6 A Woman’s Heart That Dances & A Woman’s Walk In Grace — Catherine Martin Artist Page — Apple® iBooks Store.

Why You’ll Love Quiet Time Studies

When Catherine Martin began writing Pilgrimage Of The Heart — Quiet Times For The Heart, little did she know it would become the prototype for a revolutionary way to spend time alone with God. More than a Bible study; more than a devotional – these are ‘quiet times’ – based on   The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan. The devotional disciplines of this plan include devotional reading, Bible study, hymns and worship, meditation, word studies, journaling, prayers, and application of God’s word to your life. If you would like to know more about quiet time, please explore   What is a Quiet Time?. And all Quiet Time Ministries quiet time studies offer companion multimedia such as DVD Video, Digital M4V Video, and Digital MP3 Audio as well as DVD Leaders Kits and HD Leaders Kits that include The Quiet Time Journal. What a great opportunity for an exciting individual or group experience!


Be inspired to personal spiritual renewal and greater intimacy with God through simple reading and reflection. A Devotional Journey books are free and easy, warm and personal; filled with stories, insight, and biblical inspiration. Journaling with Study Guides is an added bonus for this format, and will yield surprising results with prayer, meditation, and an open heart. Be inspired!

Spiritual Growth

Expand your horizons of spiritual growth with an A 30-Day Journey of devotional reading, personal response, and practical quiet time experience. Imagine personal spiritual revival with quiet times of devotion. Imagine an opportunity to share something new with friends. Imagine a campaign for growing your church ministry. Imagine!

Bible Study

Have you longed for someone to come alongside and lead you in quiet time where you could open God’s Word and experience God for yourself? That’s exactly what happens in the quiet time studies Catherine has written for the Quiet Times For The Heart series and the A Quiet Time Experience series. Each quiet time study is a wealth of study and meditation, filled with in-depth Bible study, hymns, prayers, quotes, application, and classic devotional reading. Each day’s quiet time is designed according to The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan so they’re fully complete guided devotions. All you need is your Bible and one of these books of quiet times for a rich time alone with the Lord.

I’m often asked, “Catherine, I can’t wait to do one of these studies – which one should I get first?” I always encourage others to choose the one that appeals to you the most right now. It just all depends what topic seems to match your need. Also I truly believe that when you ask the Lord, He will show you. Friends, more than anything, I want you to experience quiet time with the Lord firsthand in your own relationship with God. There is nothing so exciting as sitting alone with the Lord and hearing Him speak in His Word.

O taste and see that the Lord is good. — Psalm 34:8 NASB

♥ Enjoy!


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Learn how you can support the Quiet Time Ministries Press Publishing Project. We have ongoing expenses for monthly development and production of all consumer publications direct to market from Catherine Martin and Quiet Time Ministries, including New Editions, New Books, and ePublications. Our goal is to see Catherine Martin & Quiet Time Ministries Press publications reach churches and individuals all across America and throughout the world by teaching devotion to God and His Word. May the Lord multiply your gifts to this ministry and reach hundreds of thousands in His name!

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