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The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan

Over the years, I have discovered certain disciplines of devotion in the Bible that help me become a participant, experiencing the character and person of the Lord in my own life. Biblical devotional disciplines include such things as prayer, Bible study, meditating on God’s Word, solitude, devotional reading, journaling, listening to God, submission to God, worship, and practical application. A quiet time plan embraces different devotional disciplines to draw you into God’s Word so you can hear Him speak and respond to Him in prayer.
Catherine Martin, Day Four, The Quiet Time Plan — Where Do I Begin? — Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time

The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan

I discovered that the phrases quiet time and Catherine Martin are virtual synonyms …
Dr. Ronald Youngblood, Emeritus Professor of Old Testament, Bethel Theological Seminary

The Lord gave Catherine The P.R.A.Y.E.R.™ Quiet Time Plan™ in one of her quiet times! It became the structural outline for The Quiet Time Notebook. It was formally introduced in Catherine’s signature A 30-Day Journey, Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time. Because of its versatility and flexibility, it is the framework for all of Catherine’s books of quiet times including the Quiet Times For The Heart Series and the A Quiet Time Experience Series.

The great part about The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan is it flexibility. Whether you have only a few moments or many hours, the plan can expand and contract to meet your needs. Let’s say you have some extra time and want to dig deeper. The R in The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan is Read and Study God’s Word. In Day Fifteen, Digging Deeper, Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time, Catherine shows you how to use a Concordance and how to Cross-Reference a verse, sure-fire methods of discovering all the treasure that is God’s Word. And that’s just one example.

The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan answers the question,
“How do I really have a quiet time?”

What Are The Six Secrets?

  • Prepare Your Heart — a preparation of heart that brings you to a place of stillness where you can hear God speak.
  • Read & Study God’s Word — when you read and study God’s Word, you can know that God will speak to you.
  • Adore God In Prayer — when you talk with God, you have the assurance that He hears and He answers.
  • Yield Yourself To God — taking time with the Lord to give way to His ways.
  • Enjoy His Presence — carry what you’ve learned with you through the whole day and practice the Lord’s presence moment by moment, enjoying Him.
  • Rest In His Love — carry that sense of rest and trust in who God is, what God does, and what He says with you throughout the day.

Better Together … Seek The Source

Six Secrets To A Powerful Quiet Time

A 30-Day Journey
The Quiet Time Notebook Source

Knowing & LOVING The Bible

A 30-Day Journey
The Devotional Bible Study Notebook Source

Passionate Prayer

A 30-Day Journey
The Passionate Prayer Notebook Source

The Quiet Time Notebook

The Quiet Time Notebooks
The PRAYER Quiet Time Plan

The Devotional Bible Study Notebook

The Quiet Time Notebooks
Premium Quiet Time Devotional Studies

The Passionate Prayer Notebook

The Quiet Time Notebooks
The Passionate Prayer Growth Plan

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