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Why You’ll Love The Quiet Time Notebooks

Dear friends, there is nothing more important than your time alone with the Lord. All of The Quiet Time Notebooks will help you draw near to God and know Him and love Him more. Everything is in one place – journaling, prayer, Bible study, worship, notes, and response.
Catherine Martin

Why You’ll Love The Quiet Time Notebooks

Are you longing for a more intimate relationship with the Lord?

Do you find that the demands in your life are crowding out your time with the Lord?

Are you in need of something that will renew and refresh your quiet time?

The Quiet Time Notebook is an idea God gave many years ago when I was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. I wanted something that would keep everything organized in my quiet time. I was writing out prayers and prayer requests in one notebook. I used another notebook as a journal and another for Bible study. I thought, why not put everything together in one notebook? So I looked in the Christian bookstore to see if there was something like that available, but there wasn’t. So I just made one for myself.

In the morning I love grabbing my cup of coffee, my Bible, my quiet time materials, and The Quiet Time Notebook. I like to think of the Quiet Time Notebook as one gigantic Journal with six sections. It serves to remind me of all the different ways I can spend time with God each day.

Fast forward. One good thing led to another. I began digging deeper, learning how to add Devotional Bible Study to my quiet time. And then I decided I wanted to grow in my life of prayer, so I developed a Passionate Prayer Growth Plan. And finally I put together a streamlined Journal with prayer pages I take with me when I travel. All of the notebooks in The Quiet Time Notebook Series are great ways to grow in your quiet time and your intimate relationship with the Lord!

The Quiet Time Notebooks are renewable resources – they all have a place in the front for your name, date, key words and verses for the year. Once you’ve filled one up, you can get another and they will all be testimonies to all that God has done in your life.

Everything comes out of time with the Lord. Many years ago, I heard someone say “You be responsible for the depth of your ministry, and let God be responsible for the breadth of your ministry.” And so, my challenge to you is to go deep with God. Invest in your relationship with Him and make a commitment to spend time with Him every day. The Quiet Time Notebook, The Devotional Bible Study Notebook, The Passionate Prayer Notebook, and The Quiet Time Journal can help you carry out that commitment.

And then, watch what God does in your life. It is, as I like to say, the great adventure of knowing God. Lots of hills and valleys, but the view is breathtaking.

O taste and see that the Lord is good. — Psalm 34:8 NASB

♥ Enjoy!


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